Art For Me: Squelf/Squirrel Fursona + Ricky Parky

Art of my two “fursonas”, a squirrel-elf and a squirrel, as well as her constant companion, tiger plushie Ricky Parky, done by friends, fans or commissioned by me.

โ€‹CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO MAKE IT BIGGER. Then, under each image you will find a link to the original artist. PLEASE NOTE: some of the artists’ online galleries may contain NSFW or kink content!

๐Ÿ„ Characters are ยฉ 2021 Marina Neira McKinzie, and by their respective owners in the cases where my characters have been drawn with other people's characters. All artwork is ยฉ by the artists who created the specific artwork and is displayed on my site with their permission.

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