I Believe In The Goodness In People: Always

Shortly after posting my little piece on unity, I got a very hateful response in the form of a shout and note over on FurAffinity. I think what was especially jarring is that this person seems so nice on their profile. It wasn’t a troll profile or anything… So, it was surprising to see racial slurs and very personal insults coming from what seems like a nice person on the surface.

My first impulse was to share who it was, and share the note. I was going to leave their shout up as well, because I knew how people would react to seeing that shout on my page, and it just wouldn’t be pretty for this person (and they would have done it to themselves.)

But that is a bad impulse, and it would go against everything I said in my art submission. It’s the same sort of impulse that led this person to attack me. So I removed the shout.

I know a great number of you are disappointed and extremely angry right now. I’m sure it cannot be easy to see all the gloating (or, you know, happy) journals people are posting, the on-topic art, the stuff on Twitter (I assume the latter, not being there anymore.) I can appreciate that, because we were there too, four years ago, and it was one of the most devastating times of my life. I may not agree with your views, but I understand how you are feeling.

Even being attacked will not change my mind that most people are good people. This includes the person who messaged me. I do not believe a person is one hateful note with slurs, or one insulting shout, or even several. Because emotions are so high right now. There is more to people than that.

If you are the person who sent those messages, and you read this: I was sorry to block you for the time being. I considered sending a direct response to your note, but I felt given the tone in it that you would not be receptive to a friendly exchange. I’m really sorry that you are so angry, and I hope you feel better. If when things cool down and I feel I can unblock you’d like a friendly exchange, I will welcome it. To me, you are a human being with your own feelings and potential for goodness… please, don’t forget that I am one, too.

P.S. I will not disclose the person, not even privately. I think everyone deserves a chance, but others do not, and I will not contribute to hate, not even in return to hate.

If You Help Me, I Know We Can Do It

I drew this a couple of days ago –when the election results were becoming clearer, but had not yet been announced by every media outlet.

I felt pretty sure that Biden would win, but I was heartbroken regardless, because it was so close, and for me, it wasn’t really about Biden winning as much as it was about seeing the majority of our country repudiate what I feel is a lack of compassion and basic human decency. When I saw it was so closely split, it changed my view of things going forward.

This country has hate of all kinds, it has racism, it has white supremacy groups. But at its core, I believe our United States are still made mostly of good people. People who even in terrible misunderstanding and disagreement do not want to fight. People who do love each other, in spite of seeing the other side make choices that they consider to go against whatever their basic morals are (don’t fool yourself, both sides feel this regardless of who is right, and you know where I stand myself.)

It’s easy enough to say that the viewpoints on each side cannot begin to be compared, and that one side is quite right to be demonized by the other. Unfortunately, it really will get us nowhere. It REALLY will happen again if we don’t reach out to our neighbor, no matter where they stand, and ask: “What made you choose this? I’ll listen to you. Tell me what you are afraid of. I’ll tell you my fears. Let’s find a common middle ground.”

So much of the hate in this country is rooted in fear. Seeking to see eye-to-eye with someone who holds what may be an abhorrent viewpoint to you (and to many) is a bitter pill to swallow. But I feel it is the only way forward if we are ever going to heal.

Most people aren’t a lost cause. Neither is our nation. Most Americans are good people. Believe that, and we will be united again.

๐Ÿ„ You may NOT copy, color, reference, repost or use this artwork in any way or claim it as your own. Copyright is ยฉ 2021 by Marina Neira McKinzie.