Do You Wish Everyone Would Just “Shut Up About It?”

I think if you’ve followed me on any social media, chat or online gallery, you know that despite the odd rant about this thing or other, I’ve generally steered far clear from political controversy.

I do not intend to make a habit of engaging on this topic or making more art on the topic, but if you have been deeply bothered by the little I have done, you are more than welcome to remove yourself from my spaces. You are lucky if you are able to decide one day that you don’t want to see anything else about it and go “Golly gee, these political garbage posts bum me out and annoy me, I don’t wanna hear it. I just want my cutesy fluffy stuff and my diapers and stuff.” Good for you, pal!

See, I live in this country (for which I consider myself deeply fortunate.) But I do not have the privilege you have, of blissfully engaging in escapism to ignore the current zeitgeist, especially not when I’m an immigrant, when I’m pan, when Covid affects my family.

So I am very sorry if my recent burst of political posts ruined your day. How lucky you are if this is the worst thing that happened to you today. I mean that. I wish we all were so lucky.

For those of you who have so patiently listened to my rants, I have nothing but the deepest appreciation for you. This journal, I hope, will be the last I make on the topic, at least directly.

Don’t think I’m not tired. Don’t think I don’t wish I could turn off my brain to it sometimes, too.

I don’t have that luxury.

Don’t Get Confused

I have decided to disable comments in my Welcome To The Future submission, but I will continue to display it as my featured gallery image, because it brings me joy whenever I look at it.

Do forgive me for including these buzzwords, the overuse of which I generally loathe and include only dripping with sarcasm, but I have to admit that I am surprised that the side that consistently mocks “liberal snowflakes” for being so easily “triggered” is throwing such a hissy fit at my artwork. I take a patient and kind approach whenever I can, but, please: grow the fuck up. I feel second-hand embarrassment just looking at the behavior of some of you.

If, as the latest commenter put it, many of my commissioners end up turning their backs on me over that drawing, well don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. I think most of my commissioners can take a little drawing, though.

I have friends and commissioners who support the current administration. I know. They know I know. We respect each other and do not talk about it because our relationship of 9+ years will last beyond whoever is president at any given time. I have full confidence that those people are better than what my latest commenter thinks of them (except, well, said person themselves, who claim to be a commissioner as well.)

I don’t think most of my conservative and/or Trump supporter commissioners are such kinds of people. Most of my commissioners are, you know… adults who know to behave with some grace and maturity.

Make no mistake, because I am going to be perfectly clear here: I DRAW PRIMARILY FOR MYSELF, AND EVERYONE ELSE COMES AFTER THAT. When I draw for you, I put my whole heart into it. But the reason why I became an artist is to express myself, and to that end, my primary goal is to bring MYSELF joy with my art above all. I’ll be damned if I’ll edit what I draw in any way in my personal art to appease someone’s delicate feelings. I’ll go back to working retail in a heartbeat if I have to, but every one of my commissioners could turn their back on me, and I WILL BE FINE.

I need my friends, and I appreciate my commissioners with all my heart, but I do not NEED my commissioners at the very end of the day. At least not to the degree that I would ever betray my beliefs or censor myself for the sake of any of them. Your opinion matters to me, but it doesn’t matter more than my own.

And I firmly believe anyone whose opinion is valuable to me respects me more for having this attitude than they would respect me from bending over. Thanks.