On Blocking, And Why I (Very Rarely) Do It

For all appearances that I may give of being a rather irascible person (and I certainly can be, though the years have mellowed me out) I try not to act on impulse. I very rarely do I block anyone, even more rarely as a spur-of-the-moment reaction. I also often unblock people after a while, if they’ve changed their behavior.

I don’t block people just because I don’t like their fetishes or artwork. I don’t block people for their political affiliation or their religion. If I did these things I’d have over half of FurAffinity blocked.

The main reason why I block people who haven’t interacted with me is cruelty to others, whether they feel it’s justified (engaging in certain forms of callout culture) or whether they are doing it “for the lulz”. I do block people for artwork or writing involving minors that I feel crosses a line. I do block someone who is outwardly attacking me so I can be left alone. I do block people for being homophobic, transphobic, or racist, or misogynistic. And if you are doing something in the real world that is harming innocent people I will block you for that as well. If I tell you that need a break from you, and you fail to respect my polite request, I’ll also block for that (usually temporarily.)

On a more petty note, I do sometimes block a person if I find them unbelievably annoying. This is very rare, and almost always has to go in combination with something else.

Sometimes (usually) it’s a combination of several things above, and because I have such a long fuse when it comes to blocking, it takes repeated behavior over a long period of time. In spite of everything you read in this journal, it takes a lot, and I mean a LOT, to be blocked by me, and much, much more to remain on my block list permanently.

But there is one thing that will guarantee you remain there for much longer, and that is contacting me elsewhere when you are blocked.

A block is a clear message: I do not desire to interact with you at this point in time.

Few things infuriate me as much as someone deciding that my implied request for personal space is less important than their desire to let me know that they noticed I blocked them and that this upset them. Regardless of what you write, this breach of privacy is something I find deeply disrespectful, second only to asking a mutual friend to find out why you were blocked. I have a pinned journal on my profile asking NOT to contact me if I block you. Does it suck? Yes. You have to deal with it.

If you are blocked by me, examine your behavior. Or don’t. Being blocked by me, a random person on FA who isn’t even popular, shouldn’t be a big deal unless we are friends (in which case I’ll never block you without explanation, because that is one of the cruelest f***ing things you can do to a person, and something that I can forgive if done to me, but not forget, not ever.)

Over the course of the last week my block list did grow by 3 or so people. All had been on the verge for a while and finally tipped that point.

Honestly, this whole week has been exhausting…

I think I may try to go to the park today just to clear my head. I’m so tired of everything.