I Need Money, But Not That Bad

EDIT:ย I am glad not to have named the user, as they reacted with an apology and I do believe they want to do better. When it’s a gallery-spread issue as in this case, I do not regret reacting severely, and many people in the user’s situation might have been defensive even in the wrong. To their credit they are very contrite and that’s a very surprising reaction that I commend them for.

Today I had to refund someone with a pending commission from me, for stealing/tracing other people’s art. I had been going through their gallery for a day or so, because I saw major style and quality inconsistencies in work that they attributed to themselves. It threw me off that they also used bases which they did credit (including one of mine) and I didn’t want to react without being quite sure.

But finally I hit upon a piece I could recognize and once I’m 100% sure, I take action.

I do not do art for tracers or thieves.

The amount I refunded was $30, but you see, PayPal doesn’t refund me the original fee. Meaning, I had to pay almost $2.00 out of my own pocket for the choice of not doing work for someone who doesn’t respect artists’ rights. But that’s fine. Thankfully I had not done the work. I will not go after them for using my base, as I cannot control that, but please: if you cannot respect the work of other people, do not attempt to commission me.

With that said, I am so grateful to all of you who do commission me, in spite of the sometimes long waits, in spite of my rants, in spite of our political divides and other disagreements –I’m grateful for your support of my work. That support made it possible for me to quickly refund this commission.

And to touch on my “on blocking” journal of the other day –this would definitely be a reason why I do it. Unless you’re a child. But this person isn’t a child and should know better.