Some Clarifications

Lordy! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I woke up to a bunch of concerned DMs, to people trying to guess who I’m talking about/asking who they are, etc, and because my friend Natedraws is dealing with a stalker of his own (a situation far more serious than mine) I want to clarify some things.

๐ŸŒˆ 1. Yes, Nate’s journal/blog post yesterday was directed primarily at my stalker, and prompted by their behavior. I think all parties involved know this, so it’s okay for me to say, but I am saying it here so people aren’t confused. The person was once a mutual friend of us.

๐ŸŒˆย 2.ย The ex-friend stalking me is not a long-standing member of the community. They are local to me (or used to be). Because I make an effort not to crap talk about others (unlike them) most of you do not know them at all, unless we are so close that you couldn’t help but be part of my breakdowns of the last two years, then you’d probably know. They account-hop and change names constantly, so that should eliminate a lot of people you’re thinking about. Thankfully, there is no one else in the community that I have once called a friend who would do what this person is doing, and while my level of closeness with people in the community ebbs and flows naturally, there is no one else I could describe as an “ex-friend” when it comes to the furry community.

TL/DR: You almost definitely don’t know who they are, and for the sake of civility I prefer to keep it that way.

๐ŸŒˆ 3. Nate has a stalker of his own, a different person. Nate’s latest blog post and FA journal were directed at that stalker. That person (whom I do not know at all) is a more well known member of the community. It is NOT the same person stalking me.

I hope that clarifies things, and here’s hoping we have some peace, because this has gone on way too long for both of us. The title of my other journal may have been a bit triggering for people who are very paranoid in nature, and I apologize if it caused distress. I wanted to be forceful in my message to this person. But no, it’s not you, unless you have been asked to leave my life, and then proceeded to stalk my blog and FA so you can make petty subtweets about it, while venting venomously about me to a mutual friend who is caught up in the middle. There is only one person doing this, and if it isn’t you, then the post isn’t about you.

I’m sorry for anyone who was stressed out, and for anyone who is tired of this drama. You all have never seen me make such a post in over eight years in the fandom, I’ve never had to, and I hope this is the end of this topic.

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