It’s A Cold Tuesday Morning โ˜ƒ๏ธ

Good morning! It’s cold again. Yesterday I got everything on my list done, and more! Winter Friends YCHs are shaded, more presents wrapped, and not only did I finish the line art for ODU, but I finished the whole design! And I did go to Homegoods, and got a Christmas mug, as well as a Christmas glass for my milk:

This morning I discovered that Mojito had helped Sarah carry Buddy down so he could have his cinnamon and move again:

I’m really glad that he is okay, though I miss them in my studio already.

Goals for today would be, prepare some Trellos, finish the Winter Friends YCH background, and flat several commissions. I also really need to get my last couple of Code: Realize entries posted before my memory of those playthroughs fades.

I Have Sold My Soul To The Devil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ๏ธ๐Ÿƒ

Yesterday I came to a realization: 245 hours (or just over TEN. FREAKING. WHOLE. DAYS!!) is just about as long as I can play Animal Crossing before being bored by the grind. Namely, the grind to rearrange my town. I’m not a quick money maker in AC. The idea of demolishing the bridges I paid so much to create, and then to pay for them again, is something I find deeply demoralizing. I want to have fun in my town again, and honestly, I’m done grinding for it. I’m done.

So I said f*ck it, and resorted to questionable means. I will say the devil provides amazing, on-the-dot service. Everyone else says the same thing, too. I have no idea when the Animal Crossing devil sleeps, but he seems to reply to everyone with the same immediate promptness regardless of location.

Now that I’m a millionaire in AC, I need to figure out how to best put it to use. I may remake my town completely, but this time I need to think it through properly. After all, this cheating I did is a one time thing. I cannot replicate it at will. As much as I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of bells, it is, regardless, finite.

Anyway, I’m already Christmasy there too:

It’s really nice to be enjoying the game again… perhaps with this level of freedom I can truly be as creative as I want with my town. ^-^