Christopherโ€™s Early Birthday Party ๐ŸŽ‚

Today we had a little something to celebrate Christopher’s upcoming birthday. It was just us two and a friend but I still did my best to decorate the house and make it feel like a party.

I’d tasked Jessie with bringing an ice cream cake that was just the right size for three. I don’t think he could have done it more perfectly: the cake was about the size of my open palm with my fingers spread out, so it was tiny, but it even had Christopher’s name! We thought it was adorable, and the giant candles just fit:

He also brought really good ice cream from a very fancy parlor. I made beef empanadas, and humita empanadas too, we had some snacks, and a lovely time overall.

We played cards, Mille Bornes. Jessie didn’t like it, but in fairness Jessie doesn’t like any of the things we like, and isn’t shy about reminding us… I wish we could find things to do together that he has interest in. But I think we all had a good time anyways.

I would have liked to have a proper get-together with several friends. Unfortunately, family was supposed to be here this weekend, but canceled on us. So by the time I tried to invite friends, everyone but Jessie had plans. That was a bummer, but well, I tried. the family visit was postponed to next weekend.

It was still a nice time for Christopher, I hope. But we miss our friends. We miss parties. Covid is really wearing on us… I hope we can have a LAN at the end of summer this year.

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