Important Blog Changes And A Heads-Up! โœจ

Hi everyone! This change started a couple of days ago, but I have come to a decision in regards to my portfolio and my blog that I am ready to formally announce. Going forward, they will be merged into one!

๐ŸŒˆ What This Means ๐ŸŒˆ

This WordPress site will become my main base of operations, and my Wix-hosted portfolio and book websites will be retired in favor of being merged into this site. Regretfully I spent over $200 on my Wix bill, which lasts for the whole year, but I’d still rather make this change. Wix is buggy, it keeps my files hostage (backups aren’t a thing) and to be honest I don’t think a whole lot of people visit my portfolio anyways.

One of the things I did earlier in the week as part of this process was to redo the way I use categories and tags here, and already this has caused my visitor count to rise. I’d rather those visitors see my commission options, books, and portfolio without needing to leave this site (which can easily mean they don’t see that at all.)

Plus, soon I’ll hit the cap on my file storage for WordPress, necessitating a costly upgrade (you have no idea how many images I upload here, or how large… well… maybe you do ๐Ÿ˜…) and I don’t want to pay a lot for two premium sites.

It does sadden me that this means losing my Wix website’s design. Though buggy, I think it was beautiful. This stopped me from going forward with this change in the past, but I feel ready to move on.

Most Significantly…

This means that my online presence will become a lot less professional. This, too, is what once prevented me from doing this merge. I’ve generally made an effort to keep my Little/Furry and professional freelance artist/writer presences pretty separate. Especially as the Little community becomes less rather than better understood in recent years.

With the merging of these two sites, everything goes out the window… I am truly myself here, all over this place, for better or for worse. But the vast majority of my commissioners (and I do mean like 99% of them, even commercial clients) are generally furries or part of the kink community. So, frankly, this just makes more sense for me at this point in my life.

I also used to want to keep my identity as a writer more separate. I do still write fervently, my books are still my life. But I have given up my aspirations to become a famous writer, or even a mainstream one. Within the current zeitgeist, I no longer feel comfortable with that dream.

There is a huge amount of pressure put upon creative writers –from representation that checks as many boxes as possible, to being accused of cultural appropriation if you don’t check those boxes in just the right way, among a myriad of other things, such as writing anything that can be seen as traumatizing or even remotely empathetic of an antagonistic character…

I see more and more writers like myself feel deeply frustrated and scared of expressing themselves in their writing, lest they be cancelled or pilloried on social media for not doing things just so. As someone who is Latina, an immigrant, and Pansexual, I certainly believe that minority representation is hugely important in media, as is being respectful of different cultures, but it seems to be that all room for nuance is gone in recent years in favor of not upsetting anyone in any way.

I find myself second guessing so much of what I write, all while looking on at those who were braver than me and came forward to the world with their writing only be destroyed on the Internet as a result. Even writers who were once beloved for their forward-thinking writing end up having it torn to pieces later –it is no longer progressive, no longer good enough. My skin isn’t that thick, I don’t know how they do it, but I want nothing to do with that. And so, to me, my writing is now no less important, but more personal, I am less worried about it finding a million eyes, rather than just a few eyes that will actually enjoy it.

Wanting to leave the door open to some sort of positive fame as a writer was a big reason why my website still existed as it did –probably the biggest reason, if I’m completely honest. And while I wish the world was a different place in this regard, it is what it is, and I am making peace with this fact and changing my approach as a result.

๐ŸŒˆ What Has Already Been Done ๐ŸŒˆ

I already replicated my Terms of Service, Rates, Commission Request Form, Will Draw/Won’t Draw, and all YCH Catalogs (including icons and badges), Meganeea and The Tale Of Horus have seen their pages replicated in full with the exception of chapters.

My About page was extended when it was moved here, and I made sure to update the FAQ here to reflect anything that was in the portfolio FAQ only.

๐ŸŒˆ What Still Needs Doing ๐ŸŒˆ

On the back end, I want to tidy up a few things… remake permalinks, update wording (since this is now my main site as opposed to just my blog) update domain redirects, and remove all image titles which are making galleries look ugly. I need to draw up new footer dividers for Meganeea and Horus, and update the blog banner (on that note, my blog will naturally no longer be called Marina’s Blog. The title will be changed to Squelfland).

Chapters for Meganeea and The Tale Of Horus will be added as individual blog pages and then linked to their corresponding places in the Chapter Index pages.

IMPORTANT: In the next couple of days you will see all of these chapters be posted as individual posts, even though they are old. Please don’t worry if you get a small flurry of notifs… the chapters are long but few.

I still need to move all Art For Me and my entire portfolio. This is a big job, it will take a few days.

Once everything is done, I’ll have to thoroughly check everything in my online presence to update broken links and wording. I will also adjust some content in the sidebars and have already begun to do so.

That’s all! This is a pretty big change for me so I just wanted to let you guys know.