Gimme A Push! [Kiba, Yookey And Cody]

Hey everyone! I apologize for the delay with this set of YCHs. Two things happened. One is that I lost the original inked, layered file. I had to do it all over again (almost cried! that was the first time such a thing happened to me, and quite a fluke given the backup system we maintain at our home.)

The second is that, as you will notice, I wanted to give a little surprise of making each YCH more unique rather than making them all the same. I didn’t foresee that the original pose was way easier to place in the swing than my silly variations, so it took a lot more work for some reason. I hope you like them!

Here are the remaining ones in this set, for Kiba, Yookey (as a present from Nero, who commissioned it) and Cody, respectively. ๐Ÿ˜Š

๐Ÿ„ Artwork is ยฉ 2022 by Marina Neira McKinzie. You may NOT copy, color, reference, repost or use this artwork in any way or claim it as your own. Only the commissioner/giveaway winner & those featured in the artwork may repost with credit and following my Terms of Use.

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