A Clarification

Hey everyone –there is something I want to clarify as an addendum to this post. On all my social media/blogs/etc, as you know, I am very much against callouts particularly when it pertains to people warning me privately about others, or even telling me if someone is talking badly about me, or about my friends.

I don’t want this to be taken to mean that I am ok interacting with anyone regardless of their viewpoints. I do make a point not to associate with people whose morals I find reprehensible.

For me, personally, a while ago I made a pretty hard and fast rule to only make my own decisions based on my own experiences. I didn’t use to do it this way, but after two occasions (on Twitter) where someone destroyed someone else’s reputation only to backtrack when it was far too late, even admitting to faked screenshots, I decided that I would never ever get involved in rumor/gossip mills regardless of their apparent veracity.

I absolutely encourage everyone to curate their own spaces, including their commission and art-viewing experiences, for the best of their mental health. I’ve long realized that trying to “vet” everyone I interact with is something I cannot mentally handle. So while I do not personally take a “anyone can commission/interact with me” stance (goodness knows I’m heavy with the block button these days, and I’m sure FA staff is pretty annoyed with how often I report stuff that breaks the rules) my use of blocking and my decisions of who I interact with are my own, taken on my own time, for my own mental wellbeing.

The reason behind this journal is that I don’t want my many rants against callouts to be taken to mean “I’m ok with everything and anyone regardless of what they think or do.” I am not. But I also know what I can and cannot handle.

I’ll curate my spaces accordingly, and I encourage you to curate your own. I hope everyone can respect the choices I take for my own mental health too. As I’ve said repeatedly, the Milo thing did break me. I’ll do what I have to do for myself because I can’t take care of the whole world and the fandom. Only I can look after myself. I hope this makes sense.

I really want no confusion about this particular point so this is a journal I expect to leave up despite purging so many of them. Thanks for reading.