My Little Panther

I’m continuing to try to give Tomoyo as much daily attention as possible. I’ve bought her a cat tree and a giant cardboard scratcher, and several new toys. I’ve also been steaming her in the bathroom when I take my morning shower, and giving her her asthma inhaler daily.

Incredibly, she’s finally grown used to it. When I first did this, it took me and Christopher, I got kicked on the face inside my lip and bled, and she had a terrible time, hiding for hours afterwards. Now, she complains, but has actually PURRED throughout and no longer hides from me after it is done. I think she’s learned that it brings her relief and is over with fast.

There have been many times when we regretted adopting Tomoyo. She is wild, feral, will not really cuddle (though in her own wild way, she is very affectionate), her high fever bout as a kitten (a near-death experience) seems to have melted her brain, she’s destructive, she’s a bully, and she has health issues, asthma being the most serious.

But she’s ours. Rehoming her is not an option; who else would be okay dealing with this? I think this is why she became ours. We do complain, and bitch and moan about her, but we love her, and I in particular love her very deeply, probably in a large part because of the sleepless night I spent on the couch with her laying limply on my chest, when she almost died. It’s so hard now to imagine this hyper-high-strung, neurotic cat being limp or calm at all, and really does make me realize just how close to death she came at the time…

And really, not to pat myself on the back too hard, but I think she would not have survived that night without my constant care, keeping her hydrated, bringing her temp up when needed and down when needed, trying to get watered food down her throat with a syringe. It was quite bad and scary a week, but definitely a terrible night.

As I give her more attention and allow her to be upstairs with me, she seems to be behaving very well. Here she is playing at my desk:

She enjoys lounging near me or just staring out the window:

I will miss her and worry about her while I am gone. I can’t wait to pamper the heck out of her when we return.

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