My First Iso Storytime! ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿ“š

Today I did something I’d been toying with for some time, but felt too shy to do. Same reason actually why I didn’t do BFC… Now, I wish that I had attended that as well. See, today I attended Isolation Storytime for the first time!

To tell you the truth I fully expected to keep my webcam and mic off for the whole thing, lurk a while, feel super uncomfortable and leave. This is because generally, being around other adult “kiddos” like myself tends to cause a cognitive dissonance in me, a strong awareness that I’m a grown ass adult doing kid things, and I go into a bad headspace.

I’ve heard this happens to others as well. But to my surprise, this ended up not being the case. For reasons I cannot explain, I turned my camera on right at the start. I ended up not feeling so shy and having so much fun. The hostess, Tibby/Mavis, was wonderful, I was blown away by how talented she was in her singing and playing! And everyone who offered their time and effort was so lovely too. I really enjoyed coloring while listening to stories. It left me feeling quite happy. I think I might even offer to read a story down the road…

It was also my first time in a Zoom group meeting. Still getting used to the mechanics of that.

During this time I tried out my new crayon sharpener that I got from Drake as a birthday present. Itโ€™s amazing! It really gets crayons back to their old sharpness:

By this I mean proper crayon shape. I just found it so cool!

Anyhow, my first IsoStorytime attendance was very sudden, I had actually decided not to attend and changed my mind ten minutes before start time… next Friday I may use my laptop at floor level instead and prep myself a play area well in advance. Maybe even order a Happy Meal if Christopher lets me. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŸ

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