Sunday Wind-Down ๐Ÿฆ‹

Hello everyone. Weekend is winding down… As planned, I was up before 7am, went on my walk. I saw some cute and very active butterflies:

Once home, mowed the lawn. Then I showered and Christopher and I went out on some errands. We went to Home Depot and to shop for groceries, but simple errands though it was, I enjoyed that little time together because we were both in a happy mood.

At Home Depot I spotted a Jeep with a really cool decal!

Throughout the afternoon Christopher and I watched movies and enjoyed each other’s company –as well as the leftovers from last night’s incredible dinner. I worked on some more art and then it was time for my second walk. Since I walk at dawn and sunset I’m carrying mace now, because Christopher worries… he got me a pink one:

I snapped some pretty pictures of the sky and moon on my second walk…

Tomorrow, very early in the morning, they are coming to redo our roof. So many roofs in our neighborhood are being redone. I hope that doesn’t affect my day. I don’t think it should. Above all I want to be able to not interrupt my exercise routine.

I guess that’s all for today, I’m signing off. Night, everyone!

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