Sunset Walk ๐ŸŒ†

I did a lot of walking today. My first walk, taking into account a Target stroll, was nearly three hours long. Yesterday I was having fun with my friend and didn’t count calories so I wanted to feel good about myself again by pushing myself further in the morning. I walked 10.5 km.

In the evening, I set out a bit too late, so I had to deal with massive rats on the way home again (they come out in the evening). I forget every time and I always regret not leaving earlier. I like rats, having had them as pets, but wild street rats still scare me.

However, I did get some beautiful sunset photos as you saw above and can further see below:

On the note of walking, it’s been a month almost now of walking 6 km daily, rotating all of my mostly terrible uncushioned shoes as best as I can, and it is obvious I need something more cushioned as I have blisters in a bunch of places and I’m starting to feel pain when I’m only a couple blocks away from the house. So at some point this week I’m going to look into proper walking shoes.

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