My Goals For The Future And My New FA/Twitter Accounts ๐Ÿผโœจ

Hello everyone! I have some big news. I have new FA and Twitter account, where I will be more open to offering a different type of content, somewhat adjacent to my current.

I’ve generally drawn only littlefurs and kidfurs, and tried to steer clear from actually kinky stuff, as I’m not super keen on my gallery combining both, even in separate drawings. I’ve also never been into the idea of splitting my galleries. However, after some gentle exploring over the last few months, I came to the decision to create my new SquelfDaycare account on FA yesterday. I made an accompanying Twitter account for it today, as well.

As you may remember throughout this year, I had one primary goal: to pay thousands of dollars of old debt to my good old friend. This, thanks to your support of my work, I accomplished last month.

The secondary (now primary) goal I mentioned is that I need to save 10k by mid-next year. That’s a lot of money I need to save up, in order to begin taking care of my mom who is getting up in years. And that’s going to be a yearly thing: every year I will be giving my husband 10k to cover my mom’s living expenses.

Then you may also remember all of the catastrophes that happened to us in the last few months. New ACs ($10,000), a new roof ($20,000 and counting) tenting the house ($1,500) a new fridge ($2,000, thankfully a gift from Grandma). I think I didn’t get to mention that we had some damage to the house that required a $1000+ patch job.

Basically, we are going to be in debt for a long time. Thankfully it is not credit card debt. It is interest-free debt to Grandma (but yes, we are paying her and started immediately, with an automated payment plan) and a low-interest loan from my wonderful sister-in-law, also something that’s already being set up with auto payments. Even with all the help we have had, this is a bad situation, and it will not be easy to cover this debt. We will be in heavy debt for at least four years.

My husband does not handle this sort of stress very well when it’s compiled with all that he deals with at work. The stress that has always affected him the most is that of debt. I am unhappy every single day that he, himself, is stressed and unhappy. I’m sure most of you can relate to not being able to enjoy a single thing in life if the person you most love is dreading every morning. So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can continue to draw and be able to cover the monthly debt payment (around $500) all on my own –in addition to the 1k I need to make monthly to put towards my mom’s fund. I need to make $1,500 per month with my art, after all Paypal fees and such are taken off.

It was because of this that I began contemplating something I’d already been thinking about for the last few months. You might remember that for the warm-ups project, I suspended my “no adults in diapers” rule, something I had in place because I was just trying not to alienate all of my followers who like kidfur stuff only. Plus, for the longest time, my interest in drawing adults in diapers was just, not there, you know? No enjoyment. But I realized, drawing them a few times during this project, that I really do like to draw it, in my own specific way. I started to contemplate the possibility of a side account just for this content, where I’d feel more comfortable creating a specific brand for it. I also figured on this account I could draw spanking art featuring adult characters, definitely go more towards the kinky side, and explore something I’ve always wanted to but didn’t want to mix into my current brand.

I’m not sure how interested people are going to be in my upcoming ABDL stuff, but I figured perhaps I can find a middle ground where I am exploring new things and meeting my monthly income goal, and thus, bring my husband more peace. That is what matters to me most of all, and I would gladly draw my fingers to stumps to see him relax and laugh and not dread every day. There is no joy for me in anything I do, if he is unhappy or unwell. So in addition to wanting to explore new territory for my own artistic enjoyment, my motivation is very strong so I can take care of those I love.

I hope you will watch my new accounts too, and commission me there, as I really need your support. I’m really grateful for all the support I’ve received and continue to receive. Thank you so much!