Mail From Friends ๐Ÿ“ฎ๐Ÿ’–

Ok, I’m back from my walk and here is the last post of the day. I managed to cheer myself up pretty well, although now that it’s gotten late and dark I feel a bit down again. Mostly because with the day being over, I can’t continue doing stuff. Or, I can but my energy is pretty darn spent.

Still, I’m gonna do the best I can after this post. Shower, get ready for bed, do a laundry load switch, put the dishes in the dishwasher, change the cats’ water, and then draw and play Dungeon Keeper until bedtime… or maybe draw and watch YouTube. Tomorrow I’ll take care of my paperwork and start work on the porch. Little by little I’ll get everything done and get out of my funk.

Anyway! I’m waffling, as the Brits say. This post is about two lovely packages I received recently, from two dear friends.

The first package to arrive was from my good friend Snow:

Based on some back-and-forth jokes, Snow sent me an old (clean) sock of his. I said if he did I would pin it on my corkboard, and indeed I have done so!

In addition to the Totoro sock memento, there were two very cute charms from Wen, who asked Snow to pass them on, and a pair of socks that might look familiar. You may remember that a long time ago, I got a pair just like it from my friend Drake (this is something Snow didn’t know). In fact, I loved my original socks so much, that I wore them til the fabric got quite thin. To have a replacement just in time, is perfect!

There was also a sweet letter from Snow as is usual with his mail, which is saved in my special folder along with his other letters and stories. ๐Ÿ’•

Next is my dear friend Kitty’s package. It had so many lovely goodies! A dress for one of my bears, stickers, two pins, and naturally a lovely long letter.

The letter had a wax seal! It’s just like mine, except mine has a squirrel. I really love wax seals.

The giraffe pin is for my plushie Churro, while the squirrel one really was a totally unexpected surprise that will go in my pastel ita bag with Kitty’s own lovely pins.

I hadn’t gotten any mail of this sort in a while, and both packages really made my day. I have yet to decide who will get to wear the utterly beautiful handmade dress Kitty sent… it won’t be an easy decision, as in addition to being so pretty it is a precious thing since it was made by my very beloved friend.

That’s it for this entry… and for posts today (other than the upcoming fitness post). Hopefully tomorrow I can continue on like today and do well.

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