Hello Again! And Goodnight.

I had a really nice lunch today! I fried an egg and mashed some avocado, made guacamole basically (added salt, pepper, lemon, chili powder and cilantro) and put it all between a toasted brioche bun. It tasted amazing!

Today Christopher had to give me his computer code while he was at work so he could have me check something for him, and of course after we were done I couldnโ€™t miss the opportunity to change his wallpaper.

Yesterday I went to WalMart. My main objective was to look for the Super Mario Wonder Balls for two reasons: I like the coins and stickers, and they have the most delicious chocolate and candy I’ve ever had in any such candy-with-prize thing. I ended up buying like six of them, and this little Ludwig for good measure. Just another desk friend.

Here’s a little photo I snapped during today’s walk. Nothing too special. It’s peaceful and cool lately.

On my way back I went to ABC for some Christmas gift alcohol and I was pretty tickled by one of their signs:

I also went to Publix to get dinner and got more Pfeffernusse cookies. These cookies are my favorite Christmas treat, especially because when they are on this tin they look like snowballs:

That’s all I’ve got for today. It’s been a busy day. See you all tomorrow!

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