In Sebastian

This weekend the three of us went to visit family in Sebastian! Just a nice relaxing time. When we got there, my mom in law had dinner ready for us. Afterwards we got pretty drunk (I tried gin for the first time!) and played Cards Against Humanity and Uno.

At bedtime the three of us still cozied up in bed and watched anime together as is our routine, I was really happy that we could still do that as normal.

One of the things we did on Saturday, before dinner at Makoto’s, was go to an animal rescue. They didn’t just have cats, but also bunnies and hedgehogs (and dogs somewhere, I’m sure). The kitties were very friendly. I took a couple of pictures.

Dinner at Makoto’s was really nice, other than our friend’s foot bothering him lots.

We had a nice chef on this night, it’s been a while since that happened.

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