Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ [Final Overall Thoughts] โš™๏ธ๐ŸŽฉ

Well, it is done. I finished the last fandisc of this wonderful series, the first otome series that I ever played. In the post below I’ll share my favorite moments and CGs of this fandisc and some final thoughts on the series overall. After my husband brought me into the wonderful world of visual novels with the treat that was Ever17, this was a great introduction to the otome subgenre!

This post contains spoilers for Code: Realize ~Guardian Of Rebirth~ soโ€ฆ donโ€™t read it if you plan to play it!!

Ok, first, Cantarella. What a wonderful story this was! It was so much better than Shirley’s story in the previous fandisc, and her character art and voice was so pretty!

While I don’t have any more CGs or anything to share about this story it was thoroughly enjoyable and I loved the extra substance it added to the overall story of the protagonist.

From random routes/segment, here’s a couple of scolding Vans, just because I live for those moments:

Impey’s frustration at Saint-Germain’s slyness was pretty funny:

This. This is a lie. You are a liar, sir:

I wasn’t expecting the Triangle Dates to be my favorite part of this fandisc, but they were for sure!

For me, the most beautiful CGs were all in these stories, and I suppose they appeal to my polyam side… ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’•

Some of the “dates” were a little weirder, or not dates at all, such as Delly and Sissi’s…

Or Hansel and John Watson’s (that one was more date-like). Hansel kinda reminds me of someone I know at times…

I thought this was hilarious:

Watson could be really cute at times.

This was, uh, something.

But my favorite (rather unexpectedly) had to be Aleister and Nemo, which was a sort of date, and was SUPER weird:

Of course, it was all about the payoff.

Just fantastic. Cherry on top of all the other dates. The others were cute, but that was so funny and kind of a shock.

Van and Victor’s date had me in a confused state of equal parts delight and painful cringe, all for the same reasons:

The “First Christmas” episodes were really cute. This fandisc did solidify for me that my favorites are Van and Impey (my second used to be Saint-Germain). And while I’ll still pick Van first in any playthroughs, it’s too close to call. I love him and Impey the same (but I think Impey makes for the healthiest relationship… although there’s sides of Van Helsing that remind me a lot of my husband and that is probably part of why I like him).

Impey’s CGs in this fandisc are so, so cute. Even when he’s crying, he is SO ADORABLE.

Saint-Germain’s okay. I dunno, he got too soft for me. I liked him so much in Guardian Of Rebirth though.

Getting full completion for the final CG was a bit more annoying with this fandisc but I managed it eventually. It is pretty cute:

And that is it… Code: Realize is now over for me. Three games. It was a lot of fun. Between that, Piofiore, and Cafรฉ Enchantรฉ, I’m a bit otome’d out. I’ve purchased and/or pre-ordered every otome that was or is being released for the Nintendo Switch in a physical form, so my backlog is quite large. For a little while I’m gonna catch up on other games (currently Pokรฉmon Sword) before I open one of the many otomes I have waiting in the wings.

When I do, I’ll share the experience with you once again!

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