Some Kind Of Friday

I’m not sure if today was good or bad. I guess part of the day was pretty good. I got a lot of commission progress done —this is the current piece, but everything that is due this month is fully inked or half colored already:

I also did a lot of chores, and gamed a bit here and there…

…and I put together a new outfit that I was pretty happy with:

But today was also a bit lonely for me, especially in the evening. 😞 Christopher was home later than usual for a Friday. And I just kept running into little issues during the day that soured my mood. It was too humid to do my full walk. I was spacing out and had a bag of steamed rice explode in the microwave. Taking a break after working for hours, I couldn’t get my Switch to play on the TV, and when I played handheld I kept dying with the same boss. 😫

But really… that’s all a bunch of nonsense. In reality, I’m worried about more serious things. I’m worried about someone I love, and about things I can do nothing to help or improve, as it is out of my hands. I can only offer support, with the knowledge in the back of my mind that, having been in a painfully similar mental place, there is no support I can give that can make a tangible difference. At least not beyond what I have done already. Only time can help.

Well… I suppose I can also work as hard as possible, because money helps indirectly. I can also not be a nuisance, a bit harder for someone like me, but I’m trying. 😔

Really don’t know what to expect from the weekend. It’s early, but I’m gonna try to get some sleep and see what it brings. It might be a good one. You never know!

Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Delly’s Room 🦇

Delly’s Room surprised me, I didn’t expect it to be such a funny and adorable little segment, with such gorgeous art. He’s just so cute, and I like him more with every interaction.

This post contains spoilers for Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ so… don’t read it if you plan to play it!!


Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Shirley’s Story

So, I guess I really screwed up by letting so many otome posts pile up on my drafts for months and months because I barely remember the details of my playthroughs now. I began this draft in freaking APRIL. Whoops. 🙊 I’ll just do the best I can, so bear with me.

All this really is, is screenshots of my favorite parts, and whatever thoughts I still remember… 😅

This post contains spoilers for Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ so… don’t read it if you plan to play it!!


Still Sleepy… 🥱

Morning everyone. Well… afternoon, I guess. Even though I went to bed in a much better mood (and still am) the night sucked. It was fine until around 4:30am, I think? Around then, the power went out. So, with that, a bunch of things happened in succession.

My mom’s UPS began to beep. I woke up, she stirred enough to start snoring loudly. Suddenly I had strong cramps —I’d probably just been sleeping through them until then. I waited a while, wanting to put on my earplugs but afraid because I wasn’t sure if the burglar alarm worked when the power was out, and if it’s not, I feel much less safe wearing my earplugs.

In the end I had to, I just couldn’t sleep otherwise. I put them on, but by then, without the fan or AC the room was becoming sweltering. I eventually managed fall back asleep, and the power took like two hours to return. Then I woke up again when my mom started getting phone calls from the gas station because the longish outage was causing issues that they couldn’t fix without her.

It was bad enough that she had to go to the gas station in person to fix the mess that the outage caused. I tried to get a little more sleep during that time, but just couldn’t. So maybe I will after I finish writing this post.

Other than that we had a pleasant morning after my mom got back. As usual, we had mate…

We let Sweeney and Shampoo out, and left the door open a bit. After a while, my mom’s landlord’s cat, Lincoln, came to visit:

My mom has a catnip plant, so she cut some pieces to give him and he absolutely lost his mind.

I’m feeling pretty good other than being so sleepy. I’m happy with my writing progress lately, and with commission progress today. Looking forward to some stuff coming in the mail. Crossing my fingers for a fun weekend (maybe).

Anyway, gonna try to nap, though Bangers’ look from above my iPad seems judgmental. I feel like I should be working. 😬

Hope you’re all enjoying your week! 🐪

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