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Have A Morning Dorito

Good morning everyone 🌞 I’m having a little trouble being positive these past couple of days. I’m really sorry. I actually had a complete meltdown last night, it hadn’t happened in some time, and I still feel tired from it. Sometimes it just really hits home how isolated my husband and I are now, sitting by ourselves weekend after weekend.

I know some might want to give advice, please don’t, as it’s a complicated situation, I am just venting a tad and don’t want to get into details. You all see that I try my best to always appear happy on this blog, I talk about my mental health as little as possible. Sometimes cracks like these show. But I’ll be okay. 💕

I Can’t Always Be Happy, But I’m Trying 🌞✌

Madeline says, good morning! 🌞

I woke up around 6am today when Christopher went downstairs for painkillers for his headache. He felt bad for waking me up but I was very glad (not about his headache lol) because I have wanted to be up earlier for some time, so I can go out and cheer up a little.

To be honest I’ve been feeling a little lonesome and depressed. 😞 I want to invite friends over but the house is really dirty… I’ve made a decision to have a cleaning service because with commissions, 4 cats, and 3 rats, and how massive this house is (2400 square feet 2 story with a million stupid trinkets) it’s absolutely discouraging. 😩 It can take me 2-3 days to clean it and I have to stop from sheer exhaustion. I don’t even get it fully up to scratch. So I’d rather draw for 2 days and pay someone else to come do it. 🤷‍♀️

Yesterday I finished paying Christopher off for Megaplex expenses so now I’m saving the money for the cleaning. Then I can invite friends over without being embarrassed. Ah, that good ol’ Latin woman guilt about the house…! 😅 It’s also what kept me from hiring someone all this time. I’m supposed to be good at this right?? That’s some sort of self-racism right there… but these stereotypes are hard to shake off. I can’t cook, either. Lol.

Because today I got up so early, the rats were still active and excited. It was nice to see them so perky. I watched the sunrise from my window… now it’s time to start my day.

Soon after I got ready to head out to Dollar Tree 🌳 and do some grocery shopping. This is hands down my favorite pair of overalls currently!

You couldn’t see my socks but they are decently cute too:

Also, I love this bracelet so freaking much!! myrcurystoybox gave it to me at Megaplex last August. It’s one of my favorites!

While out and about, I noticed Spirit Halloween is getting ready to open! 🎃 🍁 🍂🕸🕷🦇 I can hardly wait.

My local Publix had an ecstatic Cookie Monster piñata surrounded by cookies for their BOGO deal of the week! 🍪 It was pretty funny.

I’ve been trying my best to stay cheerful and work really hard.💕🌈🧸

I thought I got the cats a seasonal toy, but it’s a condor, not a turkey. 🦃 It’s pretty funny looking, though:

Post shopping snack. ☕️ 🍪 My mood has been all over the place… Already said it, but, I can’t wait to have the house cleaned so I can decorate and then invite some friends over. I think that will do me good.

Tomoyo kept me company. To call Tomoyo a handful would be the understatement of the year. But I still love her very much.

In other news, Jane, as her original owner had named, arrived today. I tweaked that name slightly —for me, she’ll be Janie. She seemed to have a slightly smell, maybe cigarettes I don’t know, thankfully it was SUPER faint but I’m very sensitive to those, so I febreezed her and left her in the hot Florida sun a few hours. Good as new!

I had the shirt and bow and made the necklace, her owner sent me the little pinafore. I think Janie looks very happy in her new home!

She looks very much like a koala to me 🐨 So that’s what I think her as being.

Lookit My Tammy-Goochie!

 I ended up drawing this YCH for myself with a full BG since it didn’t sell. Someone ultimately wanted it but by that point I’d drawn this and decided I didn’t want to work on the pose again. Ah well! I am still happy with how this came out and it’s just nice to draw my own sona once in a while. ^_^ I drew her with my TamagotchiOn, and even included MoonPie!

🍄 You may NOT copy, color, reference, repost or use this artwork in any way or claim it as your own. Copyright is © 2021 by Marina Neira McKinzie.

Good morning! 🐭☀️

Dorito and I have morning cuddles every day now:

It’s so strange that I spend more time with the rats now somehow that I moved the cage out of my work area. I wish I had done it before. It’s been a fantastic decision for so many reasons.

Anyway, today one of my new Charlie Bears is arriving and I’m so, so excited! It’s my Siamese kitten whom I’ve named Milk Tea. I can’t wait to dress her with all her new pretty things…

My plan for today is to do my chores and then work really hard on art all day! I’ve made a lot of progress with the YCH backgrounds recently. I’m almost ready to draw the characters in all of them. Can’t wait!

A Happy Tuesday 🐀🌈✨

This is gonna be one of those “whole day/updated as I go” posts… which are always a bit strange, so bear with me as I update it. 😁

For starters, Dorito wants to wish you a happy morning! 🌞🌈 Took this pic during his morning cuddles earlier:

The storm is growing in size but has diminished in strength. Still no sign of it here. Maybe tonight? It seems we have been spared, I am infinitely grateful for this, but it is terrible what it has done to the Bahamas. Here we even have a normal mail day and schools reopen tomorrow. I might even be able to coax Christopher to take me out a while.

I’ve been taking painkillers every few hours, my cramps are bad… but I’m gonna try my best, today too, to have a good day. 

It’s noon. I’m really happy! Christopher took me to Target and JoAnns and Mod Pizza and after lunch he said I can get a pumpkin spice latte! I’ve cheered up a lot! 🎃🦇🕸🕷🍂

After lunch we went to JoAnn. They were having a sale of 70% off their blizzard fleece. This is a big deal for me, I needed new fleece for the rats REALLY badly, the girls just shred it to pieces.

I use the fleece over and over since it’s their bedding (I wash it). So I got literally $100 worth of good quality fleece for $29!! I still need to cut it to fit the cage, but yeah. Good stuff. Always check the coupons, folks!! This was a single day deal with the app coupon. I’m very pleased.

I also got some fall things to decorate the studio and library!! I’m gonna decorate this week!

Stuff is from Joann and Target. I just love this time of year SO FREAKING MUCH!! Even though nothing much changes here, at least I can go crazy with my decorating, and that makes me happy.

Home again. Tres Leches is enjoying the first pumpkin spice latte of the season with me! 🎃💕

Here’s something that came in today!

I can’t recommend muninahandmade’s Tamagotchi covers highly enough!!! 💕🌈🎀 WOW!! Just so lovely and well made and there’s even a slit on top so you can still use a charm if you want to. It looks great!

Dinner for tonight 🎃 I ate a lot earlier so I wasn’t very hungry.

And that’s it! It really was a fun day.

Quality Ratty Time 🐭💕

It’s almost impossible to cuddle Croissant AKA Bitey, but I did it today. 🥐💕

I know my grumpy girl’s little quirks well enough that I rarely, if ever, get bit these days. My husband handles the ratties plenty but he doesn’t know which tiny things set my grump off. She won’t draw blood but she had a rough start and doesn’t generally enjoy handling, and when she does, she’s very particular. She will let you know if she’s unhappy. I treasure these moments when she tolerates me.

She let me pet her head with my finger for a full minute! She’s just been cuddly today with me and with Dorito too. That’s a relief since I worry about Dorito being lonesome with Queso now gone…

A handsome boy, he is.

Sad, Stressed, but I’m Trying My Best ✌

Good morning, everyone ☀️ Not feeling so good today. My period/PMS are wrecking me, the hurricane is now cat 5 and seems to be turning our way again. Who the heck knows. Cat 5 hurricanes level neighborhoods, leave them like a war zone. I guess if that happens I really enjoyed not being poor the last 6 years. It was really nice. I’m grateful. Hopefully it spares us.

I’m trying not to let my thoughts get too dark, but hormones make it hard. I’m in the library/rat room and decided to have mate today. It’s been an awfully long time since I made mate just for me (well, and MoonPie.) Usually my mom brews it when she comes over. But I really need to get in the habit.

Ever since I moved the rat cage to the library I’ve been spending time with the rats every morning. Dorito is more cheerful today:

I’m a little worried about a scab under Croissant’s ear… there seems to be no lump, just minor scabbing but it won’t go away. I may have to text my vet a photo if it doesn’t go away. I really hope she doesn’t get a ZGT (if you don’t know what that is, google it —or don’t. It’s bad. Basically if she gets it I’ll have to have her put down pretty soon, because it’s an awful way to go.) I just don’t want to lose another rat so quickly, even though unlike Dorito here, Croissant is really unfriendly most of the time. But I still love her a lot.

I suppose time will tell. I’m glad Dorito seems a bit less lethargic. He doesn’t move a lot anyway, after all he is the same age Queso was, and has the same genes. His back legs drag. But he just seems happier today, and I’m glad for that.

Anyway, I still want to be cheerful today. Hurricane or not!

I’m going to do my best! 🧸 🌈💕🎀

Scary Days ⛈️

This morning I had breakfast in the library with my ratties 💕 I started my day with some chores and paying a little more debt. I’ve almost fully paid my husband up for Megaplex expenses, should be done at the start of September. I am pretty okay. The storm is a worry but what can we do, just prepare.

May I offer you a chonk to start your weekend. I love him…

I’m trying to give him a lot of attention now that his brother is gone. The girls aren’t very cuddly with him. So I’m making sure I fill that emptiness as much as I can.

One more scritch before I get on with the day. It’ll be alright little guy.

I have to admit I’m starting to become fond of this hairstyle which I used to really dislike. I never do anything with my hair at all. But I’m enjoying this. 🌈💕🙈

Also wearing one of my Littlespace necklaces again after a while. It is one of my favorites. I’ve used both of them so much the choker is stretched out, I probably ought to replace it soon.

For my afternoon snack I had some banana wafers and dark chocolate and consoled myself with MoonPie’s company.

This hurricane is looking REALLY shitty I guess? Lol. I really don’t want to die/have my pets die/lose all of my possessions. I’ve been trying to stay calm, but yeah. It’s looking bad.