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Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends! I hope you had a fun one. My morning and early afternoon were full of chores but I was in good spirits, if exhausted from the bike ride still. Christopher picked me up after I did all the grocery shopping for the week. I walked to Publix as my daily exercise… I couldn’t handle another bike ride today, but I’m starting again tomorrow.

We exchanged cards in the late afternoon. Christopher got me a box of Godiva truffles:

I ate three of them while we played Super Mario World. I was in heaven!

In unrelated news, my bougainvillea has made a comeback:

Also, I have several baby snail eggs hatching, so that’s exciting.

We are going to spend the next of our evening relaxing and watching a movie together. Tomorrow I have to catch up on a few more chores and start on art again… make a doctor appointment… and make sure to exercise properly again. Life is surprisingly overwhelming considering the pandemic, but I’m taking it little by little and getting everything done.

State of The Squelf: Mid-October Edition 👻

I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. I can’t believe it’s already almost 6pm. Today flew by, yet it also dragged on. I don’t feel well overall.

Last week, Akumin called again to reschedule my cervical MRI: in spite of all the problems, my insurance approved it and it was moved to Tuesday. That was a relief. So I got that done.

Unfortunately, I goofed and forgot about my blood test appointment. So that added a week of time to that. I’ll be getting the blood drawn this Friday. I felt very stupid.

Last Thursday I had another headache. The difference here was that it was the first time that it happened when my husband and I were intimate. Up until now, it had only been a “by myself” problem. So that put a temporary damper on the evening. It wasn’t terrible, as I stopped in time, but it left me with a burning in the area of what I now know is my occipital nerves under my right ear. It’s a pressure, an ache, an annoying warmth. And that remained for days, varying in intensity, and I feel it even now. It’s deeply annoying, and coupled with my PMS and with physical needs that I cannot take care of for the foreseeable future, I am literally crawling up the walls. It’s the freaking worst.

CW: TMI ahead.

Sometimes I wish I’d never discovered orgasms. A little over a couple of months ago, I didn’t need them, and I was fine. Maybe I wasn’t always, but I didn’t know that it was a problem. Now I know what they are, and how to have them. And I can’t. I can’t because if I do it I feel like someone is torturing me with an ice pick, hammer and vice to the head, all in one. All of that —and not taking care of myself is STILL HARD. The frustration I’m feeling physically is so horrible, that if a solution to my headaches cannot be found, I’ll gladly take a pill to at least temporarily kill my libido. Because this is a horrible way to feel. It’s horrible.


I meant to introduce you all to Punkim. As far as Charlie Bears go, Punkim is very basic looking, but he’s big and fluffy. I think he’s my most down-to-earth bear. I like him lots and lots.

Here’s a couple of photos of Punkim before his outfit was complete. You can see his face (and his cute little bear pants) better:

And here he is in his full outfit:

Lately, Christopher and I have been playing a little of Ever17 every day. It’s a game that’s really important to him, and as we play, I can see why. It’s been a wonderful routine especially on the days he is home earlier, or on the weekends, to play together for an hour while having a snack.

I’ve been eating crushed dry ramen while playing which makes me feel like an absolute beast, but to tell the truth it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had. You smash the ramen, pour it in a bowl, and then mix it with the powder. Try it! I discovered it after seeing it’s sold as a dry snack in Asian stores and it’s 100% the same thing as normal dry ramen.

(And yes, this is completely safe to eat, though you have to be careful with your teeth, and I can only vouch for Nissin brand as being safe to eat like this, but I do believe most ramen is pre-cooked. You’re just hydrating it.)

On Saturday night Christopher surprised me by taking me to our favorite ramen place. I was sure it had closed down. It really made my night!

I’m doing my best to push through commission work. But to tell the truth I have no motivation for anything… not drawing, writing, reading, gaming… nothing… 😞

Maybe tomorrow I’ll concentrate on giving the house a good cleaning. I think that has been bothering me. Maybe it will help, if only I can muster the motivation.

Oh, yeah. I want to deeply, deeply thank everyone who got slots for the Winter Friends YCH. While I’m still returning and reordering stuff from Amazon, overall my setup is improving daily. Getting used to some changes in my setup presents a challenge of its own, but I’m doing my best. Once I’m 100% all done, I’ll post photos of both completed setups.

I’m most excited to get my Redbubble stickers for my desk. I can’t wait to cover the desk in new stickers. ✨ 🌈


Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all having a good day. I’m trying my best to stay cheerful and positive and not let fear and worry take over, I admit that those twinges of fear have kinda overwhelmed any disappointment I had over the postponed cruise, the canceled musical, the postponed trip to Tampa, postponed seeing friends this weekend… and more… I know fear doesn’t help anything and I appreciate not being told why I shouldn’t be afraid, or how to stop being afraid. It’s a valid feeling, so please just let me have it.
Anyway, I had vegan nuggets and a mushroom cap for lunch, with some olive oil. It was really good. In a little while I may have some yogurt. Life is really fascinating huh? Not really. Lol. I continue to work hard on commissions. Thinking of you all. 💕💕💕

Venturing Out 🛒

Outfit for today! This dress is from Target. Affordable and comfy.

I’m trying my best to stay cheerful but really not feeling it today. I need payments to come in really badly, and it’s a huge source of stress. 😞 I’ve also been missing people more than usual lately… Maybe I’m just reopening my old wounds myself. Trying to stay home, not going anywhere, isn’t doing me any good either… anyway I hope everyone is well. 💖

I just keep trying to take cute little pictures, do my work, and find things to smile about in my daily life.

In other news, I’m gonna have an Animal Crossing themed YCH coming soon!

We went grocery shopping today. We didn’t panic shop, but other people sure did! No toilet paper, basically no pasta, no eggs, no bread! But everyone was still calm, polite and helpful.

No one seemed to be panic shopping at that time, just being careful and prepared so they can self isolate as we should all be doing if we can. We kept wiping everything with sanitizing wipes 😱

A Day Full Of Fun Little Things 🍧✨

Today is going great so far! I’m working on my fourth Gym badge on Pokémon Sword, got to have I 💖 Mac & Cheese for lunch and rolled ice cream for dessert. We went to Litchi Snow Ice. It was really good. Christopher and I shared a strawberry rolled ice cream with pineapple and fancy sprinkles. ✨🌈💕🌟

We are planning and discussing so much stuff regarding to the upcoming Alaskan cruise which hopefully *fingers crossed* doesn’t get canceled because of the virus. 🦠😱

There are so many plans for this year that I hope the virus doesn’t cancel. But if it does it is what it is, we all have to help stay safe. Anyway I’m gonna spend the rest of today playing Pokémon, making necklaces and working on commissions until it’s time to change to go to Cooper’s Hawk for Christopher’s birthday dinner. 🎂