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Memory Mondays #1 | Where I Came From ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท

I have a little bit of my past to share with you today. This photo is current, taken from Google Maps the other day, so it looks different (as in: better) than when I used to live here, but this is my old home back in Argentina:

I screencapped it after doing some needed research related to my mom’s immigration process.

This is where we lived for four or so years before we immigrated to the US almost 20 years ago. This house had no running water. Instead, we had a well outside that we got our water from. The bathroom had no door; we had a piece of wood, bowed by humidity and smelling strongly of mold, that we leaned against the doorspace for some privacy. To flush your waste in the toilet, you had to bring a bucket of water and throw it down the toilet to get it to flush.

We had a small water reservoir which hung in the shower stall, and had a shower head attached. It could either heat up a small amount of water or we heated it ourselves on the stove –I don’t remember. but it wasn’t much, so you had to shower very quickly.

In relation to the water, doing dishes was my most hated chore. You had to fill a bucket and wash dishes with water that got progressively more disgusting. ๐Ÿคฎ And cold (even if you warmed it up on the stove, it quickly got cold.)

The house itself was very unfinished at the time. The outside was not painted. The inside looked like this:

The room you see above was our bedroom. I was able to bring a few things you see in this room to the USA, mainly some photos, the partly-visible matryoshkas and the Pokรฉmon figures. Actually, that may be it (as far as the stuff in this photo goes).

The room smelled horribly of mold. The humidity was quite bad. As I’ve mentioned at times before, it was so bad that it would drip water on your face during the night. The walls had holes, which allowed insects from the yard to come inside, such as cockroaches (which I could hear flying around the room at times) and some pretty big-ass spiders.

You can see the backyard below, it was decently big:

Here is a photo of my first dog, Pandy, being let in after it suddenly started to rain. I think it was late and it had been raining for a while. He had his own house, but we let him in because it was raining too much. He was happier than he looks here…

As you can perhaps tell, all our furniture was quite old. Everything we had was used or hand-me-downs as far as furniture goes.

This is the little computer corner. This was my first computer. It was my big present, when I turned 15:

Back then, Internet was really expensive, and new. We had a max of 6 hours a week and even that plan was very expensive. Internet time had to be used wisely, but it was easier to do that back then. I didn’t have internet for a couple of years, so I played a lot of bootleg video games, mostly Sierra games. This was also when I did a lot of the written worldbuilding for Meganeea, which until then was mostly piles of concept art.

That little corner seems cramped and awful looking at the photo now, but I felt very lucky to have it. In general, I think most people would consider living in such a house to be really terrible. But we’d come from living in an awful situation with terrible people, and this was the happiest we were in over four years.

Still, right around the time we immigrated, we’d come very close to losing even this sad-looking place. And I knew too well how much worse it could be, because across the tracks a block away, there was the equivalent of a shanty town. A very, very poor place, and dangerous too.

I just wanted to talk a little about where I came from, now that I am a citizen. I often go on and on about how I feel like a princess in a palace where I live now. I really do. I am glad I was born in Argentina and I am glad I experienced some struggles in my youth. I appreciate what I have all the more.