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Rainy Friday โ˜”๐ŸŒˆ

Today it rained all day! But I still had my morning walk. And it really was absolutely pouring, it had been all night, so the puddles were unbelievable. Water was high on like entire half blocks at times, coming well above my ankles:

But I had a big umbrella and my goat-patterned boots, so even though it never stopped raining I did my full walk. I was a little more tired than usual by the end, the umbrella is heavy and some areas were too flooded so I had to take longer ways, but I’m glad I did it anyway.

In the evening Christopher and I had some quality time together, we watched TV, had dinner, and played video games again!

My little snack:

I’m really, really enjoying playing Mario Party with Christopher, even though he wins so often…

Oh well, at least I came in second place.

I’m very busy, and will be this entire week, but I am excited, especially about next weekend, and about Jurassic World Evolution 2 releasing!! I have to make sure I get all my work done in time to have fun. I have to complete the gift reference sheet for Tibby, the Christmas arts for my family (3 pieces) and, actually, if that’s all I manage next week I will be very pleased, as it’s a lot of work. Here’s hoping!

Summary Of The Last Few Days ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿž

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a happy Thursday morning. I decided to let a few days accumulate into a single post, since, well, I haven’t had much interesting stuff to share recently.

Christopher and I have been spending more time together in the evenings, and it has been lovely. Elliot keeps us company. He always comes to the couch when Christopher gets home. Unlike our other cats, Elliot tends to spend his entire day out on the porch and doesn’t visit me much, but he always comes in when Christopher gets home. I think he misses him.

We began our evening by playing Mario Party Superstars:

Christopher won, of course…

After video games, we watched Lamb. It was really freaking weird. The weirdness is not a problem, it’s great, but I felt like it built up a lot for no real payoff. It just wasn’t very scary either.

On Tuesday, my copy of Cupid Parasite arrived! Still a while until I get to this one. I’ll be playing my next otome the weekend after this one –the final fandisc of Code: Realize.

We will be taking a trip to a place that will be all decked out for Christmas, so it’s a perfect time to finally play Wintertide Miracles, especially with such a long car ride.

This is completely random, but I’ve been fooling around with wigs, and liked how this photo came out. ๐Ÿ˜

In the evening we watched the latest Paranormal Activity movie. It was okay. I had a little snack:

Yesterday I went on my walk, and to shop for groceries. I caught a couple of shots of this pretty butterfly on the way:

There were also several ducks foraging for food, and I got a photo and some video:

When Christopher got home, I had the smell of coffee and banana nut bread in the air. ๐Ÿ˜Š It was my first time making it and it turned out decently good:

Here is Cerise ready to try some:

Afterwards I made panko-crusted tilapia for dinner. It was pretty good.

Anyway as you can see I don’t have much interesting stuff to tell even when putting a bunch of days together. Right now, I am busy working on Christmas art for family. After that, I will resume commissions. I am also really, REALLY pumped for our upcoming trip. I pretty much cannot think about anything else…

Today I have to do my chores early, so I’ll wrap this up here. Enjoy your day, everyone!

Making It Through ๐Ÿข๐Ÿ’ฆ

We made it to the middle of the week again! Today was okay. As all the other previous days, it has its ups and downs. Iโ€™m trying my best to stay cheerful, and work really hard. Every passing day feels like a little accomplishment.

I do think my posts are kind of boring lately. Iโ€™m sorry for that. Maybe I should not post daily when I donโ€™t have anything interesting to say, but itโ€™s a form of self care I suppose, so I try not to skip it.

And I really donโ€™t have anything interesting today. I do have a colorful photo of my lunch:

And a couple of Tomoyo just being cute, laying on my lap and refusing to leave:

Her asthma has been troublesome the last few days, so Iโ€™m doing my best taking care of her, too.

My mood isnโ€™t all that bad. But I have been struggling with arm pain and headaches. Before the end of the weekend I hope to have all the commissions Iโ€™m currently working on, posted (a total of five). I also did a little gift art for Christopher today which I will post later. ๐Ÿ’•

Selfie Time! Plus Other Stuff ๐Ÿคณ

I’ll say right from the get go that this post just feels weird, because it has literally three selfies, and that’s two too many. I like to document my daily outfits so I can replicate them later. But today I put two outfits together that I loved, and also wanted to show off my new choker, so you get three selfies. It’s an unusually narcissistic post, even for me! ๐Ÿ˜…

Anyway, today I went out to pick up an order at Hot Topic, making that into my walking for the day (over 10 km in the space of just under 3 hours, I took a break in the middle). This was my outfit for the walk, and I’m actually wearing pink tights because that skirt is way too short, but it’s harder to tell because โœจ filters โœจ. They’re pretty pink IRL though.

Because this is, let’s be frank, a school uniform, I felt a little awkward wearing it, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as many compliments on anything I’ve worn in recent memory. Between that and the recent weight loss, my self esteem is doing kind of okay. ๐Ÿ˜โœจ

Since I’ve basically put together an extensive punk wardrobe at this point, I’ve been wanting a couple of less basic chokers. I got this one today:

I also got one that is almost identical but it’s thin leather (this one is velvet) and rather than having the spikes all around like this choker, they’re only in the front –and they’re rainbow colored! That will fit a lot of my outfits very well. Actually I could just show the damn thing:

Speaking of outfits, after I got home and showered (it was very hot… I was literally dripping with sweat) I changed into another outfit for something special that I did in the afternoon. I’m pretty happy with this one as well (but, ignore the shoes… if going out, I’d be wearing my black boots):

I really like the changes to my wardrobe. My Little self is still there, though I definitely feel like I’ve switched headspaces to an older one. And that’s okay. I still like to draw my fursona in the younger range. But as far as the IRL me, I like my current headspace a lot. It just feels good, and different. And a bit more devious. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ In my same old, dumbass way.

I made sure to greet Christopher with his afternoon coffee the moment he walked in. โ˜• I’m so happy that he hasn’t worked late these past two days! ๐Ÿ™ After my chores were done, we played a couple games of Rummikub. We each won a round!

Then it was time to make dinner. I made chicken meatballs tonight!

Ready for the oven:

I wanted to serve some of Christopher’s favorite things to make him smile, so there was avocado and mozzarella cheese too. It ended up being a bit too much food, it was all surprisingly filling.

Now I’m just wrapping up chores and getting ready for bed…

Slowly we are getting through the week. I’m hoping we can have a relaxing, happy weekend with a few fun activities. ๐Ÿ’• Goodnight, everyone.

Ending The Day With A Smile ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well, you know me, in spite of my earlier vent art (which honestly helped me to have drawn) I can’t stay down for long… so, just like yesterday, I pushed myself to have a good day! I talked to my mom in law today too, which also helped me feel much better. I’m so looking forward to seeing her.

I did a lot of chores today, and I went on my evening walk. I got some very pretty photos during it:

I made Christopher tacos for dinner. Hereโ€™s a picture of them with a new little friend that I’ve wanted to get for a while:

CW: Weight loss discussion after the cut. Please do not proceed if you have an eating disorder and/or find posts of this sort triggering.



These last few days have been a little rough. And, I think, they are still going to be rough for a bit. Iโ€™m trying my best to get through them, do all that I need to do, take care of my little menagerie, my husband, my commission load. Yesterday morning I worked on commissions for a while and got some good progress underway:

I also did a little bit of Christmas shopping today.

We went out to lunch yesterday, our very good friend took us to a ramen place weโ€™d never been to before:

The food was fantastic, but, even though I hadnโ€™t eaten all day, I had to force it down. I felt very hungry but had zero appetite if that makes sense. I actually didnโ€™t feel well most of the day. By the late afternoon I had a really bad, throbbing headache and as the evening wore on, it became the worst I had in months, easilyโ€ฆ even now, I have some dull leftover pain from it.

Today I feel really out of it. As if Iโ€™ve been hit on the head with a hammer and been left dazed and achy. Iโ€™ve been kind of on the verge of tears from time to time since yesterday, maybe itโ€™s just stress, I donโ€™t know, but I really have to pull myself together.

Anyway, this is just a heads-up if you are waiting to hear back on anything please bear with me. Iโ€™m overwhelmed and stressed and very sad at times, itโ€™s going to get better but right now I may not be very available online. Even if you see me post about gaming or some fun on the side, Iโ€™m really struggling in ways I donโ€™t want to go into.

Artwork is still on track and on time, and it is getting done, but as far as functioning beyond that, please donโ€™t expect a lot from meโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll be back to normal soon enough.

At Momโ€™s Now, Feeling Better I Supposeโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜’

I guess I feel a bit better now. ๐Ÿ˜’ Itโ€™s mildly infuriating to have emotions that are so easy to upset and, conversely, so stupidly easy to please. Hormones do make it worse, but still, itโ€™s problematic. Sometimes I feel like Iโ€™m too simple when it comes to some things, and itโ€™s annoying.

Why canโ€™t I be aloof and blasรฉ like other people? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I guess I just am what I am, though, and I canโ€™t help that. Anywayโ€ฆ hereโ€™s a beautiful sky from todayโ€™s morning walk:

Iโ€™m at my momโ€™s now, getting commissions done, eating good things, and just relaxing. When I got here my mom had the usual little snacking spreadโ€ฆ

And she made me one of my favorite foods for dinner:

Iโ€™ll be gaming a bit here and there, but really mostly working. Iโ€™m not sure that Iโ€™ll go for any walk tomorrow. Iโ€™d like to, but I donโ€™t enjoy walks around my momโ€™s place as much. So we will see how I feel in the morning.

Before I sign off, hereโ€™s some Tomoyo:

Iโ€™m very sleepyโ€ฆ last night was bad, but I think tonight me and my simple brain will sleep much better. ๐Ÿ™„ I swear it feels sometimes as though I can only process like, two emotions. This is probably why I find snails so appealing, with their two neurons. Sigh.

Iโ€™ll post the fitness entry with a delay since the WordPress app hates tables. Goodnight all.

Monday Again ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‚

This morning I managed to be out of the house well before sunrise. During my walk, I captured the rising sun. I got my almost- but-not-quite-10-kilometers in. I started the day with energy, but right now as I write this, I feel down and tired. I’m lonely again now that Christopher is back at work, and PMS is getting to me, besides.

On my way back from my walk I picked up a Cuban snail. I no longer do this, as I have too many, but finding a Cuban snail in the middle of the sidewalk by the mall is incredibly rare. Cuban snails are not generally caught in perilous situations past sunrise. This guy was a bit retracted, I thought he might have recently passed, but I took him home all the same.

When I got home and rinsed him, an unusual amount of liquidy slime came out, extremely gross, and in such cases it means the snail is dead and the body has begun to liquify. But you never know with snails. Indeed, I put him in an isolation container with some kale, and a half hour later he’d come out and climbed to the top. I was amazed.

All the same, a snail that finds itself in this sort of tricky spot might be unwell –particularly considering the deep retraction. We will see if he recovers with TLC.

Today I released a couple more YCHs. I’ll release them on the blog as well, shortly. The month is quickly passing by and the funds are not fully raised, but I am trying my best.

Anyway, writing this as I have lunch…

It’s hard to find motivation today. I’m going to try to shower, finish my chores, and work on a pending freebie.

Another Week Down ๐Ÿ˜ด

First things first, here’s my outfit for today. Waifu shirt, because why not.

Today was mostly a very good day. Christopher and I spent most of it together once my chores were done. We shopped for groceries, played Overcooked, and watched Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, a lovely movie with unique, beautiful aesthetics. It made me tear up at the end.

At some point, I made us coffee…

After that movie was done, we watched the Muppets Haunted Mansion special (I didn’t like it, even though Gonzo is my favorite character. Muppets are very hit-or-miss with me). Then I went on my walk. On the way there, I came across a standoff between a huge iguana and a bunch of ducks. You can still see the iguana in the video below, which I wanted to record because their interaction was funny, but the moment I approached, all the ducks made a beeline for me, scaring the iguana off, which is why it’s on the side:

They wanted food, and tried hard to be cute, nodding their heads and shaking their tail feathers. Alas, I had nothing.

(CW for upsetting animal accident talk below)

I was excited to take a 10km walk today. But just a few kms in, something really upsetting happened and I had to turn back. I was going to write about it in detail, but there is no point in dwelling on the memory beyond the following: I saw a little dog get run over on Pines. It was very upsetting –even for me seeing it almost a block away (though I was half a block from the crazed doggy at one point) for the poor woman who had gotten off her car to try to get the dog, and for whoever ran it over.

If you know Pines, you know it is a very busy road. It caused a big problem and I’m sure upset many people, as a great many cars had to stop very suddenly, and many noticed what happened. It was a big thing, though it was over in mere moments. I turned back immediately and called Christopher to calm myself a little, I was okay, but it just left me so sad. There was nothing I could do.

Once I got home, I jumped in the shower and Christopher put the Bagel Bites in the oven, a last treat before he goes back to work tomorrow.

We watched a documentary about a controversial topic that ended up being very depressing. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ But it was a good day nonetheless. Tomorrow I have to get lots and lots of work done… so I better get ready for bed or I’ll blow my bedtime again.