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Cute Grocery Finds 🛒✨

Quite a long time ago, Christopher told me that I would notice that generally, there were no cartoon characters in blatantly unhealthy food products, at least in our area (don’t know about elsewhere) because of some law or something where you could only do this for foods that were, or somewhat purported, to be healthy. So, you’d see Elmo in grape tomatoes and apple juice, Mickey Mouse in snack trays with carrots and celery and some dip, and certainly many cartoon characters in fruit snack boxes made with some fruit juice in them, and also in some cereal boxes. But, other than perhaps Kinder Joy eggs, that was mostly it.

Recently, there must have been some change because suddenly I see cartoons on all kinds of actual junk foods. In this case, cookies:

It’s actually really unusual so it definitely caught my eye. And I know it’s bad but I grew up with cartoons in all junk foods really so it makes me kinda happy. 😅

That aside, I spotted the cutest Mandalorian lunch box at Publix:

Maybe I’ll buy it eventually, but for now, I resisted.

A Happy Time 🍟🍔

Tonight I had a bit of a party by myself! 🍔✨🍟🐊🌈

I installed The Sims 3 (I had never ever played a Sims game in my life) and got a Pikachu Happy Meal like all the cool kids have been doing.

Here’s my goodies!!

I really like the cards I got! ✨✨✨

After my very adult dinner I poured myself a sippy cup of Gray Whale gin and yuzu tonic to have with my Welch’s Fruit Snacks because I gotta tell you the Sims is F’D up, for someone who knew nothing about it I was shocked by how quickly things devolved into absolute chaos.

I played with a pre-set family this time, but next time I’m gonna create my own!

Time For More Pokémon Dungeon: Rescue Team DX! 🌳

This is such an unexpected gem for me. I really did not think I’d love this game so much and every time I sit down to play it (in short bursts) it makes me so happy. Anyway, I’ve accrued a number of screenshots to share with you guys.

If you don’t want any spoilers for this game, don’t read this post, please. I post screenshots freely and without further warnings or a cut, below.

I will die for Caterpie in this game… ✨🥺✨

I find the little interactions between Pokémon very rewarding to seek out. 😊

It’s also a nice/interesting detail that Dugtrio refers to themselves in the plural. 🙂

Got the statue a little while ago but haven’t been able to recruit one yet:

Not having a camp handy to recruit him was such a bummer!! 😫

It’s time to battle Zapdos! ⚡

“Oh s**t maybe not”

They are so stupidly cute!! 😭💕💕💕💕

A few more cool shots of the battle…

I’ve been grinding a bunch, now finally moving the story along!

This was funny. I defeated one Ledyba, and then recruited it. So it suddenly turned to attack its former mates! Then got confusion and attacked us again. 😆🐞

It seems I’m gonna be playing this game until I’m done with it because it is just so darn enjoyable and relaxing. So expect more blogging about it. 😉

Breakfast Out + Date Night! 🥑🌈

Mwako had to leave today. 😔 But before he did, we got to have one nice little goodbye breakfast together! 🌻 Then I was able to catch up on some housework, and in the late afternoon, Christopher and I played with LEGO again. It’s a really nice date night activity, and our partner even joined in for a little while after his nap. 🥰

🌞 First Watch Breakfast 🌞

I had never been to First Watch before! I wish we knew of it sooner. We really miss Metro Diner (ours shut down to become a funeral home, of all things) and this seems to be practically the same restaurant. Very similar menu and atmosphere. I can’t wait to have a little morning date with Christopher here.

I had avocado toast and grapefruit juice. The servings weren’t too big and the meal wasn’t otherwordly or anything, but it was good. I want to come again.

Mwako happened to snap a photo of me getting ready to snap a photo… 😄

I saw my friend off right after breakfast. Then I caught up on my blog and on my chores.

🚉 Date Night 🚉

After that came date night, and more LEGO fun was had! We put together our brand new freight train. Christopher was happier all throughout than I have seen him in a long time.

If I’d known how much he would enjoy this and how we would bond over it, I would have made it a priority in our lives and entertainment budget ages ago. I feel a bit sad in that regard over the lost time, but at least we can make up for it now.

Excited for the first test run!! 🚅

It’s really powerful and fast! 🤯

Here our partner took the controller. The scream is him. That, my friends, is the soundtrack of our lives, every day (and neither my husband nor I could live without it).

After this, they opened a pack of glow sticks that Mwako got for me as a little surprise and began to have fun with them…

I had to admit it looked pretty neat!

All in all it was a really wonderful day. I’m looking forward to having more fun this weekend!

A Relaxing Afternoon 🌞🌈

Today Mwako and I stayed home! It was a more relaxing sort of day. After I finished all my chores, we watched cartoons, colored, and made bead necklaces. I also played some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX while Mwako took a short nap, and then he watched me play for a little while. Below are some photos I took!

🌈 Coloring ‘n Cartoons 🌈

Cartoons and coloring was our first activity! We watched Courage The Cowardly Dog, and Mwako colored giant Bluey coloring pages while I worked on (finally!) finishing my squirrel page:

Totodile helped!!

All done! This page took me forever. Now I have to laminate it.

At this point Mwako laid down for his nap. I played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, and when he woke up again, he watched me play for a while. Then I did more chores and brought down all we needed to make stuffie bead necklaces!

🌈 Making New Name Necklaces! 🌈

I was overdue to make necklaces for Totodile, Beta, Ludwig, Soufflé, my pyroraptor Fajita, and my incoming polar bear, Igloo. I didn’t manage to finish them all, but I finished a few.

We had juice boxes and watched Franklin while having our fun with beads. Franklin is one of my all-time favorite “kiddy time” shows. Nothing makes me feel so small as watching this cartoon. It is so very lovingly done, and watching it on out giant CRT is a huge treat.

I know this CRT is on the way out, having occasional issues, and I have to say that now that the game room is looking so nice and neat, I really don’t want that to happen. 😞 I feel like I’d rather invest a little to keep it going longer. It doesn’t have the best picture, but it has that special something, particularly in this room.

Here is Mwako’s puppy, Patch, with his awesome new necklace!

And here he is showing off the page that he helped Mwako color:

For dinner I made panko-crusted chicken breast which turned out really good. I’ve started to add a little milk in my egg mixture for breading and the result is amazing. I went to bed fairly caught up with my chores.

Mwako goes home tomorrow, but tomorrow is date night. So it’ll be a day of chores and then spending time with my partners. By Friday I’ll be back to commission work!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

I’ve started to allow myself to play my backlog without worrying about what I do or don’t finish. I’ve accumulated more and more games, not allowing myself to enjoy new games until I completed old ones. But I’m starting to feel that this is not the way to go about it. In particular, because I am slow player, so it creates a very discouraging situation for myself, for no good reason.

Some of my backlog is a bit ridiculous, such as the case of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a game I desperately wanted to play, and yet, due to my own weird “rules”, kept in my shelf unopened for two years. 😓 I did finally start playing it, and will share screencaps below!

I’m also letting myself be a bit sillier with certain choices, I take my games far too seriously sometimes. 😅 Anyway I was very happy that I could choose to be a Totodile (one of my all-time fave Pokémon) and have a Cubone as my partner, another all-time fave. I named Cubone after my first Cubone ever from many years ago.

As for my team name… lol… interestingly, it wouldn’t let me do Smegma Ops but was ok with Smegma Ltd for some reason:

I think I played one of the Mystery Dungeon games before and didn’t enjoy it. And yet I am absolutely LOVING the style, cuteness and gameplay of this one. Caterpie is too adorable!

To wrap up the earlier topic though: In my childhood, I completed very, very few games. And yet, I have extremely fond memories of the games I played that I didn’t complete. For example, I never finished Chrono Chross. I don’t think I ever even got far with it. But my memories of the times I played it are strong. Intensely so. I teared up when it was announced for Switch.

One of my favorite PC games is Princess Maker 2. My progress with this game was always minimal. I replayed the same parts over and over. That enjoyment counts for something, I think. Right now I’m simultaneously playing a whole bunch of games. I am happier this way. I only make a rule not to play more than one visual novel at once, because I want to be properly absorbed by the story.

But as far as other games, I’ll be playing at least a few at a time going forward!