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A Relaxing Weekend ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผ

Despite being so busy, and a hiccup here and there, I think we really had a good weekend. Yesterday we played cards and did rebus puzzles. And I’ve gotten so much done in terms of exercise, commissions, and housework too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The dishwasher broke down today. Well, it broke down a while ago, and wasn’t drying the dishes. Opening it up, and doing research, Christopher found the issues and came to the conclusion that we’ve reached a point where a fix does not make economic sense (this dishwasher has been fixed a few times by him) so, a new dishwasher it is.

We got super lucky, and managed to snag one for delivery tomorrow. With the upcoming party, we really needed it.

My t-rex Patriotic garden flag came in!

Here it is, installed:

With Christopher’s blessing, I also put this by the front window:

Unfortunately things have become such that overt displays of patriotism can cause people to assume that we hold a certain political leaning/viewpoints that we strongly disagree with. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ So I wanted to make it clear where we stand, regardless of all the USA flags.

That aside, I’ve been working on making the back porch prettier. The little gnome girl was a present from my mom:

I had one of these today while working on commissions, they’re pretty cute:

For dinner, Christopher obliged my rather selfish request and made me absolutely fantastic teriyaki turkey meatballs with rice (I think it was teriyaki, anyway… I made the rice, to help.) It was a great dinner!

Tomorrow I’ll be up at 6:30am again. Lots ‘n lots to do… ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’ฆ

A Brand New Year ๐Ÿฅ‚

Happy New Year, everyone! We had a few friends over last night, not many, just people who were part of our “bubble” already. And I guess we are all getting old because after ringing the new year we all said our good nights. But was it ever lovely.

It was the first New Year’s Eve in a few years that I felt like things are going to be okay again, our little friend group can just remake itself and we can keep enjoying each other’s company, and I can do that without thinking so much of the past. I was so happy.

I also learned more about my friends, things I didn’t know that help me understand them better.

I had a pretty busy New Year’s Eve… day. I finished another commission, prepared a lot of stuff in case several people wanted to spend the night (in the end, no one did, but I had to be ready). Moved more posts from Instagram over to my blog, cleaned… cleaned lots. Repotted one of my plants. Sold a few more commission slots. I also went around adding a bit more decor here and there, just making the house a little nicer, particularly the porch:

Then I got dressed. I tried to dress a bit classier for the evening.

I wore the fancy silver bracelet that Grandma sent me for Christmas:

Tomorrow, my blog will go back to normal. And starting today, I’m changing my eating habits. Not a diet. I’m just going back to my old way of eating, the way I abandoned when COVID hit. Well, I’d started already, but I’m going to try even harder, now. I hope you all enjoy the start of this new year!

All Done… โœจ

I finished with the porch. It was about 12 hours of work over two days. It really can only be called a “passable” job even though the pressure washer was amazing and I really did my very best. I pushed myself as much as I could with my cramps but honestly, I don’t think I could have done better if I didn’t have them. I really, really tried my hardest.

Compared to how it used to look it’s certainly a huge improvement, but to have the result of so much effort not be the perfection that was accomplished last time is a real letdown. At least I won’t be ashamed to have Grandma spend time in the porch now, though.

When my two other roman snails passed away, I was losing so many snails to the mite infestation, that I couldn’t mentally deal with burying them. This little guy gets a better send-off. I have an elephant bush cutting I am currently prepping for propagation. I’ll put it in the pot with him, in about two days. Goodbye, slimy pal. Thanks for the smiles.

Charlie Bear Cuddle Time was “eh”. Which is good. I didn’t need to want any more bears. I spotted Tootles in the background, and that was exciting, though. ๐Ÿฆ”

Nothing else to add… I am now trying to catch up on chores. I am so exhausted. I didn’t even plan dinner. I feel pretty accomplished otherwise, but I can barely think straight.

I just hope Christopher is in a mood to look after me a little. ๐Ÿฅบ

Cleaning Up The Porch ๐Ÿงผ

We finally picked up our new pressure washer. For the price, it’s incredible! I had used a gas-powered pressure washer before. It was really loud, powerful, and strong-smelling. I thought an electric pressure washer would be nowhere near as strong, or loud. But I’d say it’s just about as loud (only, it’s only loud when you squeeze the trigger, and there is no need to prime it) and, far as as cleaning power, it’s just as good:

As I’d mentioned… the porch was NASTY:

It was so bad, that I only managed to do half yesterday. And as soon as I’m done writing this, I’ll go and do the other half. So the elf update and everything else will be in the afternoon.

I hope everyone has a nice day!