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Bunk Bed Is All Done! 🌈✨🛏️

My studio bunk bed is all done! Some choice stuffie friends have been placed on the top now that there is a mattress there. It’s basically a stuffie corral. 😁

Of course it’s also been thoroughly decorated, and I chose Bizcocho and Maplenut to hang on the edge. Everyone seems happy and comfy on the new sheet:

It looks especially lovely in the dark with all the pretty fairy lights on:

So, yeah… it took months to get this from IKEA but I am quite pleased!

On The Way Home! 🚗 🧸 🌈

We’re heading home from Sebastian! It was a lovely time —I can’t wait to see the cats and the snailios, though.

On the way back, Sugar Lump took a hand at the wheel…

He was so proud! But the truth is he had a little help…

It’s a long drive home so we are taking a nice long nap. I’ll update again today or more likely tomorrow with more news about the weekend.

🌈✨ A Lovely Day ✨ 🌈

Today was such a lovely day! 🧸💕 Sugar Lump has his own little face mask to stay safe. We all wore ours, and used sanitizer constantly, but this is so-called “God’s Country”, and a lot of people just refused to wear them. 🙄 So, the stores that cared, were understandably hard-assed about it: limited people in stores, and masks required despite no mandates in the area. We appreciated this.

We did see a bar that actually prohibited masks. The people outside of it would kinda point and laugh at mask-wearers who passed them. It boggles me mind that people can be so self centered, and care so little for others, but, that’s how it was. 🤦‍♀️


Among other fun places, we went to Vero Beach Book Store. It was a DREAM!! My mom in law says it’s been there since the 60s. There were even scribbles by famous authors on the walls (illustrators of children’s books) even one of Llama Llama! But I didn’t get a picture.

The entire top floor was dedicated to children’s books and toys, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Jelly Cats in one place (interestingly, this helped me determine that while I enjoy looking at them, I just don’t really like Jelly Cats a lot for some reason… I can’t bond with them unless they have a certain look in their eyes, such as my little squirrel, Circo, or my worm, Ramen Noodle. In general little “dot” eyes don’t appeal much to me.)

Anyway, getting to see the store was wonderful, I did buy a few things I’ll talk about tomorrow. Not just there but at other really cool places we visited.

But now it’s time to sleep. I’ve decided I won’t be buying a “sleeping-with” plushie. I’ll try to get over my fear of ruining my Charlie Bears by just sleeping with one of them each night and being gentle. So last night I slept with Sugar Lump and I think he was happy. 💕🌙

I’ve been reading Cubby in Wonderland, which is really boring, and more of a… commercial for Yellowstone Park? But I’m trying to get through it since it’s a just a short little book.

Anyway that’s all I’ve got to share for now. I should have lots more to share later Sunday or on Monday. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Heading To Sebastian! 🌈🚗🧸

Happy Saturday, everyone. We’re heading to visit family today! Going to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Makoto’s, so I’m really excited. I have Sugar Lump with me! 🧸💕

Also hoping to visit a really neat book store/toy store before dinner. My Steiff Hoppi plush bunny was really ugly so I’m sending it back. Maybe I’ll find another good plushie for sleeping with at that store, but I won’t mind too much if I don’t.

My Birthday 🎂

Today’s my birthday! I finally got to open the box with my birthday bear on it (Wilfy, whom I’ve named Toby). The outfit I put together for him fit him really well! I think he’s got to be one of the nicest Charlie Bears I have ever seen.

I also got to open the gift from my friend Riley. The second Escargot book! It’s so cute and I can’t wait to read it with Christopher. These picture books really are a must for any snail lover.

I really wasn’t expecting to get to go anywhere today. Though I was so happy to get my new bear, it was a really sad and also very stressful day. I’m gonna go into more details about that in a later post.

But our friend Kris very generously offered to take us out both to distract us and to celebrate my birthday. He let me pick anywhere I wanted. That was a huge treat as well as seeing two of my best friends. It really made a bad day end a lot better. It felt a little odd to dress up to go out given the circumstances but I tried to be kind to myself.

I hadn’t put together an outfit in a while and I’m really happy with this one. I took MoonPie along:

We went to The Tavern. Our table was lovely, next to the fireplace, but the light also made it hard to get a good picture, as you could tell in the photo:

I had a fancy drink:

Sorry the photos are so bad, the light was really poor as I said… anyhow, it was a nice enough evening after such a day. Now I’m 37. Happy Birthday to me!

Made Necklaces Today! 🧸

Today I finally made necklaces for all my stuffies that don’t have them!

I made one for Sugar Lump, though the S is facing the wrong way… 😅 I may fix it later.

And I made one for Apple Juice:

The others are for stuffies I don’t have yet. Well, Toby is here but he is in a box that I can’t open until my birthday. This is his entire outfit including necklace:

Then I made one for my Jellycat worm, Ramen Noodle. It’s probably too big for him, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Finally, not pictured but I made two more, for my Jellycat squirrel Circo and my Anniversary Shades Charlie Bear, whom I’ll be calling Anise. I’ve also put together outfits for them all. I should have Anise this weekend, not sure about the Jellycats since they come from the UK.

That’s all for now! Time to clean up…

A New Friend! 🧸

A package from The Toy Shoppe came yesterday with a lovely new member for my hug! He was an early birthday gift from my friend Nero. Hardy, a new friend, also very kindly helped me to get him. His Charlie Bear name is Waffle, I always rename my bears though, and I don’t have a name for him just yet. But he IS lovely! And has a hint of an adorable smile, along with a very unique fur pattern.

What he reminds me most of is banana nut bread, which I suppose is not the strangest name when I have a Charlie Bear cat named Fish ‘n Chips, but somehow it’s not convincing me.

I have him wearing this as a temporary outfit:

He can wear Build-a-Bear tops quite well, but he’s kinda bulky bottom-wise so he’s wearing newborn size shorts. I did get him a pair of overalls with a rewards card I had for BAB, because nothing looks as good on bears as overalls/dungarees. And I got him a little hat and bandana on AliExpress, as well as a pacifier I’ll customize with a brooch pin so he can wear it. Once I decide on a name I’ll decorate the pacifier to match. Can’t resist teddies with pacis.

He got to sleep with me last night, which I NEVER do for these expensive bears, but I needed the comfort.

So anyway the last few days have been work work work, nonstop, so I’m busy and tired and my arm/wrist are killing me. So I’ll end this post here. I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Oh and please guys. Even if the economy is reopening please keep in mind COVID-19 CASES ARE UP. THEY ARE WORSE NOW THAN BEFORE. You are in danger still, don’t go out unnecessarily, wear your masks, if you must go out for work or whatever protect yourselves, even if people laugh at you, please remember it’s actually worse now. I don’t want you all to get sick or die or sicken family members and feel that guilt. Please, be careful.