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Walkin’ Along Through Wednesday 🚶‍♀️💦

Today was extremely busy —but I kept to my goals! I walked both of my walks, kept track of all my food despite visiting my mom, I completed the daily warm-up, drew four small gifts for Christopher as well as a piece of personal art (a new banner for this blog to match the upcoming Fall theme —just a few days away, now!) and almost finished work on my trade with MinetteFraise. That’s a lot. Like a whole lot. I’m pretty proud of myself. 😌

Here are some photos I took today as the sun rose during my morning walk. It was pretty beautiful. 🌅

I also restarted my playthrough of Legend of Mana to make sure I don’t miss any events this time around.

Sweeney was rolling around near me earlier so I got photos of him, too:

I’m feeling a little down, but I’m sure I’ll cheer up as the week continues to roll along. For better or worse my moods are always going up and down. Tomorrow is date night, so I’m looking forward to that, even if I’m not sure what we will be doing. 😊

Kitty Nonsense 🐱

Have some kitty cat photos I’ve accumulated over the last couple of weeks! First, Sweeney, while I was visiting my mom:

Next, Rosemary. I took these photos when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Rosie is very much “my girl” and often sleeps with me, cuddled next to my face or neck. This is the first time I got photos of her during the night:

Another day, here is Tomoyo making faces at me while I work:

That’s all I have for now, but I may update this post tomorrow with a short video I have yet to edit.

I Am (Somewhat) Healed 😌

Yesterday I came to visit my mom and spend the night! We also went out for an early celebration of my birthday when Christopher picked me up. I had a wonderful time and my mom spoiled me so much that I really left feeling much better than when I got there! 😊

As soon as I got there Mom gave me a snack and I began to munch and work on the next warm-up for Nazz. 👀 I had Grogu for company on this trip.

Grogu investigates the snack…

My mom made me a huge childhood treat for dinner –cheesy polenta! It’s the best.

As ever, Sweeney alternated between a desire to play and a desire to kill me. He draws blood on every visit, but he really wants to play (until he doesn’t) and he really wants to be pet (until he doesn’t.) And it’s hard to know which is which. Ever since I moved away he’s always a bit pissy to see me, I think because he misses me. But he ends up curled up next to me by the end.

At one point as I was chasing him he put his front paws in my flip-flops, one in each. It was the cutest thing and I can’t believe he stayed like that long enough for a photo!

I ate waaay too much but my first day with Mom was lovely.

The next day, my mom gave me my birthday present early!! Since I won’t see her for my actual birthday. I knew from the shape what it was. 😁


I’m turning 38. Thanks mom for humoring my immature ass. This was my first husbando ever when I was like 13 lol.

Afterwards, my mom made cheddar biscuits and mate cocido to have while we watched TV:

It was really cozy.

In the evening we went to Banchero! It purported to make true Argentinean pizza. Now, you won’t know this unless you lived and experienced it in Argentina, but Argentinean pizza is just, completely different, with the meltiest cheese, and amazing toppings. It’s the one thing I truly miss from my home country.

For twenty years, we hadn’t been able to find a place that truly replicated our original experience. So my expectations were very high!

Christopher ordered a meat lover’s. My mom and I ordered half morrón and half primavera which has EGG! And a piece of fainá for nostalgia’s sake, and an entire bottle of wine for my mom and I. It was a very expensive meal because these pizzas cost like, $25 each. But they are 100% worth that price. Trust me. At least ours was.

I asked Christopher to hold Grogu for a photo but he was difficult about it… 😠

Eventually I got Grogu to stand, although in her drunkenness, my mom was joining Christopher in his sabotaging efforts by trying to tip poor Grogu over with the pie knife:

Then she wanted to give him an olive as a peace offering:

The pizza really was as I remembered my last from 20 years ago. Met our expectations for sure! It was a big treat from my mom for my birthday… definitely a costly meal… Authentic Argentinian pizza on the beach isn’t cheap. But it was so worth it. I’m really grateful to my mom!

Side note, I love my palm sized Grogu so much, but sometimes he talks if his tummy is accidentally pressed and then someone inevitably goes “what the hell was that” and I can either say “me” or “my Grogu doll that I carry around everywhere”. It’s a lose-lose either way. 🙃

Happy Wednesday To All! 🦋 🧉

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! I’m still enjoying spending time with my mom. I’m not feeling so great physically though, enough that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. So commissions that are just hitting their due date might see a small delay. Please bear with me. 🙇‍♀️

I’ve actually been under the weather since the weekend (again, physical symptoms) which led to canceling plans with a friend too. But I’ve continued working and have just been doing my best not to fall behind too much.

This morning we had breakfast and watched a few YouTube videos together. I introduced Beanie to mate:

Sweeney cuddled up to me during this time. I didn’t really bother or touch him and he stayed quite a while:

I played Giraffe and Anikka for a little while and drew a lot. My mom made a weird but good salad in the afternoon. It had cheese, olives, rice, tuna. It was bizarre but delicious.

Now I’m just relaxing and working on more commissions before it’s time to head home. I’ll post the daily warm-up in the evening, so look forward to that.

Happy Hump Day! 🐪 🌈

Hello, everyone! How are you? It’s the middle of the week. I spent today at my mom’s too, including dinner, but I’m finally home now. I have a lot to do tomorrow, and I’m buzzing with excitement for our weekend trip!

I mentioned that I’d gotten my hands on some rare Argentinian snacks from my childhood that I would share with you. This Turrón & Maní by Arcor is the most significant one.

Turrones were the cheapest of snacks when I was growing up, costing just pennies. They are kinda dry and lightweight, a bit like eating cardboard. But they are rather filling, not just for a kid with a meager allowance ($0.25 a day, though eventually it went up to $0.50 a day… still very little you could buy with that money) but also for my mother when she was a young girl working in a furniture store that was commission only (no sales, no pay). These turrones kept my mom from starving at work during those days.

The recipe has not changed at all, not from her days, nor from mine. Even the package is very close to what it was, and fills me with nostalgia.

It’s a great snack to accompany my coffees, and under 100 calories. I got a few, but I asked my mom to get me a bunch more.

Sweeney was the same as last time. I got hisses, but I also got playfulness. He’s very excited and happy when I arrive, but he won’t let me get too chummy.

I tried to spend more time with Shampoo. She looks so different these days… She’s 17 years old and must be shaved to avoid swallowing her fur and dying of a blockage.

She’s fine, affectionate, energetic and healthy, but full of little scabs from overgrooming regardless, and so thin. You feel every bone… it makes me sad… She was once an absolute beauty:

I hope my beautiful Rosie doesn’t suffer the same fate. I do miss so much how Shampoo used to look.

Anyway. My mom made my favorite again, homemade fries and fried eggs. No one can make these things like she can –no one. In particular the eggs. There is a perfection to the consistency of the yolk that I have not seen accomplished in any setting, be it someone’s house or restaurant, no one else can do it. It’s a real treat.

Afterwards, we shared the surprise Easter egg I got from Christopher. He got it at Buenos Aires bakery.

It was so, so beautiful! It also had candy inside.

It was high quality, delicious chocolate.

Anyway, I’m home again, I’ve fed Christopher and made sure he had lunch for tomorrow. Now that I’m nearly done unpacking it’s time to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is gonna be a day of prep and packing –we leave early on Friday! I can’t wait!!

Finally Visited Mom Again! ✨💖

Last night I came to visit my mom for the first time since last February! It’s been a whole year… I’m so happy. I’ve seen her since then in person, a few times, and we’ve zoomed weekly, but our overnight visits were on pause until she got the vaccine and the necessary time had passed.

She made me a long-promised dinner of eggs and fries, one of my favorite things from childhood. It was all perfect. My mom’s fries are always the absolute best —I say this objectively. Mealy and soft inside, crispy outside… just perfect.

We talked TONS, and watched part of Mary and Max (which I saw the other day and loved, and now I’m having her watch too.) We are watching the rest later today.

I got quite a reception from Sweeney, one of my mom’s cats. Sweeney was mine originally… I picked him, named him. But when I moved to be with Christopher he stayed with my mom. Sweeney is a bit neurotic. He bites, sometimes goes from purring to hissing while being pet. Can be incredibly sweet or sometimes mean and a little scary.

After I moved away and only came to visit once or twice a month, Sweeney would get a bit grumpy with me, especially if it had been a long time. I assumed he forgot me, especially because I came smelling like other cats. Still, my mom said both he and Shampoo (her other cat who was also mine/ours for many years) would get very excited when, with me maybe 2-3 minutes away, she would tell them “Here comes Marina!” and they’d perk up and go wait for me by the front door.

Last night my mom did this just as she used to a year ago. Well, the cats certainly remembered. Sweeney in particular got very excited. He was running through the house, being super playful. I could chase him or poke him in the butt or ribs and he’d run off joyfully with playful poses, he stuck his head in my shoes and played with them, and more.

Still, I could not pet him. He would bite me, hiss, be very scary. Eventually he let me pet him by the end of the night. This morning, it was different, he let me pet him lots and even hold him. I was so happy. I really love this grumpy old guy.

As you can see from the photos, I brought Barley along. Barley is one of my favorite bears. He’s a limited edition Boyds, more luxurious and bigger than the average bears of the brand. But he has a very special feel. Somehow he’s firm and incredibly soft and squishy at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain that, I guess you’d have to hold him.

Barley doesn’t like to be without his hat but I had him take it off for bed:

My fitness posts will happen, I just can’t do them properly on my phone while I’m here. I’m still very tired because the apartment is noisy especially with the dog next door so I didn’t sleep very well. I’m going to try to sleep some more.

Continuing this post after my nap and breakfast. We had mate and it was the first time since Christmas, but it was even more delicious than it was back then. I gave Barley some too:

Not long after this, Sweeney decided to come and lay with me! 😱

Alas, I couldn’t resist touching him. He didn’t like that. But he settled down and didn’t leave.

We finished watching Mary and Max. I cried even more the second time despite knowing the ending.

Also, I realized this was the part of the movie that touched me most deeply, even more than the very end:

It is so poignant, sad and glad, and full of earnest feeling, it just guts me, but in a good way.

This morning I did some more worm research. I think I’ll be ordering me some worm friends as soon as I get home!

It’s a bit unorthodox, but I guess I’m just going to continue updating this post as the day goes on. 😁


… we put together a gas station model! It’s a present for my mom’s boss. We had a lot of fun, even if it was mostly putting stickers on.

Later, we played cards. I taught my mom to play Mille Bornes. She caught on very quickly and beat me twice in a row!

It’s one of the family’s favorite games, so I’m looking forward to her playing it with us.

While playing, I arranged two new commission requests (yay for more money to pay off debt!) and got a call from my neurologist. They moved my appointment up to tomorrow to discuss the recent tests.

Now my mom is making dinner.

We had asado and salad! I had a delicious Jello cheesecake dessert. Now I’m waiting for Christopher to take me home!

And now, I’m home. This was an odd post, being updated through the day like this. I have to unpack, take care of the animals, and prepare my fitness posts.

I ordered red worm food, and red wrigglers (eisinia fetida) just 20 or so of them. Tomorrow I’ll prepare their tank, and as they grow and multiply, I’ll add some to the snail tanks. I want to keep them on their own too though, because worms are cool.

I also ordered some toys… 👉👈 But I think it’s for a good reason. More on that probably next week.

I think I’ll end the post here for real. I hope you all have a good night. I had a really fun day with my mom.

Hello! 👋🌈

Hi everyone! 👋🌞 How are you doing today? 🌈💕 We have family visiting this weekend and we are also heading out to a fancy dinner on Saturday for an early celebration of my husband’s 36th birthday. I have to clean the house and get some commission work done.

A friend bought me the new Mystery Dungeon game so I’m wondering if that will arrive today? 🤔 I’m also really excited because I snagged some brand new with tags Lazy Oaf dungarees that I really wanted. I can’t wait to wear them with the rest of my wardrobe. What are you excited about this weekend?

Here’s yesterday’s lunch that I forgot to post 🍙🌈✨

Today’s snack was sesame mochi!

Have a little perfect queen. A baby queen. 💕✨💕✨

Here’s Sweeney… my mom’s cat, though we adopted him together long ago. He’s a little psychopath, but very cute as you can see.